North Texas 40K Summer Playoffs at HobbytownUSA!

Do you have what it takes to command your 40K army through to victory against all comers? Could you claim a $500 shopping spree as grand prize? Find out this summer at HobbytownUSA Dallas, as they host the 2010 North Texas 40K Playoffs!

Players will sign up at HTUD to compete in one of four preliminary brackets on weekends through the summer, four players in each bracket playing two win-or-lose rounds, with the four winners of each bracket advancing to face each other in a single Final Four day of combat at the end of August; these finalists will play three rounds, one game against each of the other three finalists--and that winner will claim forty-first millennium supremacy for all of North Texas!

Entry fee is $25 to participate in one of the four, four-player qualifying brackets. There will be no additional charge to the finalists for participation in the Final Four round. To register, players must have a fully-painted 1500 point 40K army and a printed, valid army list to turn in to judges from a current, inprint codex. These qualifications *must* be met; any player who arrives on the day of his preliminary bracket with a less than fully-painted army and/or an inaccurate, illegible or invalid army list will forfeit their slot in that bracket to a registered, present Alternate and will not receive a refund of registration.

Will it be worth it? Sponsors HobbytownUSA Dallas and Games Workshop are putting up a $50 prize of GW product for *each* of the four preliminary bracket winners--and the hobbyist crowned North Texas 40K Playoff Champion will take home a $500 gift certificate to HobbytownUSA Dallas as Grand Prize!

See HobbytownUSA Dallas to register for one of the limited sixteen preliminary round slots, or the North Texas mailing list accessible from for latest details, answers to questions, etc.

Preliminary Bracket Dates:

  1. Sunday, June 27
  2. Saturday, July 17
  3. Sunday, July 31
  4. Sunday, Aug 8
  5. North Texas 40K Summer Playoff Final: Saturday, Aug 21