The Gamers Realm 40K Doubles Tourney April 11th: Descent of Angels!

The Blood Angels: to some they are the Emperor's winged defenders,gilded emissaries of all that is best in the Imperium; to others they are red of tooth-and-nail, uncontrollable monsters barely a step removed from Chaos. They are the Sanguinor and his Sanguinary Guard; they are LeMartes and his Death Company. They Know No Fear--and yet Thirst, and Rage.

They are the Blood Angels, they are returned to the 40K universe--and they are the centerpiece of the upcoming Doubles Tournament 'Descent of Angels' at The Gamers Realm Sunday, April 11, 2010, from Noon till 6pm!

A team may reserve their spot in the afternoon's action by making *any* one purchase of Blood Angels product from TGR (including preorders and even this month's White Dwarf!) *or* a purchase of any other Games Workshop/Citadel product of a total value exceeding $10.

Teams will consist of two players fielding armies not to exceed 500 points each (for a team total not to exceed 1000) composed from a single Force Organization chart. Each player's army must contain 1 Troops choice, and at least one player must include an HQ; if a second HQ is desired it must be a part of the second player's army. Special Characters are allowed so long as their specific conditions are met. Each half of the team will function as a separate army for purposes of special rules (waaghing, morale tests, etc).

Teams will battle across three rounds to either come to the Blood Angels' aid--or to wreak vengeance and destruction upon them. Blood Angel Allies teams may be formed from any combination of armies created using codices Inquisition (Daemonhunters & Witch Hunters), Imperial Guard, Eldar, Tau and Space Marines (including Black Templars, Space Wolves, Dark Angels and Blood Angels); Blood Angel Adversaries teams may be formed from any combination of armies created using codices Inquisition (Daemonhunters and *especially* Witch Hunters), Imperial Guard, Dark Eldar, Necrons, Tyranids, Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Daemons and Space Marines (including Black Templars, Space Wolves and Dark Angels). Armies eligible to be *either* Allies or Adversaries will have to mirror their teammate army (an Adversary Imperial Guard army would become Traitor or Renegade Guard to team with Chaos, for example; an Inquisitorial host would be either Puritan or Radical depending on which side they took; and a Space Marine chapter's allegiance would depend on whether they view the Blood Angels as Loyalists who stood with the Emperor at the Heresy...or Cursed who failed him that day and are forever damned...).

And participants who come to play *using* the new Codex: Blood Angels will find particular challenges in the three specially-created rounds of missions...

40K Doubles Tourney Schedule:

Noon: Check-In
12:15-1:45: Round One
2-3:30: Round Two
3:45-5:30: Round Three
5:45: Prize Awards

Prizes will be awarded, fun will be had, and TGR may even integrate games from the day into their ongoing Escalation League, for those participating in both...and it is an excellent opportunity to experiment with and familiarize units players are considering including in their Astronomi-con Dallas armies in June!

Make your purchase and reserve your team's slot for The Gamers Realm's 40K Doubles Tourney 'Descent of Angels' Sunday, April 11, 2010!