Planetary Empires Map-based Campaign at XMax Games Dallas

The Xylone Maximus system has been shielded by a warp storm from the galaxy by a fierce warp storm. With the disruption caused by the Tyranid invasion on the nearby XM Moon the warp storm is dissipating and warlords from all over the sector are rushing to claim the bountiful world of Chrystone and its moon Chardone. Who will be the general which wrests control of this planet and conquers all foes.

The campaign will be a map based campaign taking place at XMAX Games. Rules and the map are available to view at XMAX Games and in the files section of Adeptus North Texas. The Campaign will start Saturday April 3rd at 1PM with players placing their starting Headquarters and turning in their first week's orders.

Each week players will fight across the map tiles expanding their own territory while doing battle with both the Planetary Defenders and other player factions. The winners will receive their names on a plaque hung at XMAX for all to see their mastery of sustained war.

If two people wish to play as a single faction they are able to. This unique campaign will provide weeks of battle opportunities with a detail running story line.

Full rules and other information is available in the files and discussion section of Adeptus North Texas. To participate up to two players may join together as a faction and take part in the war for Xylone Maximus. All that is needed to partake in the campaign is the purchase of any GW merchandise from Xmax games.

Who will be crowned the new master of Xylone Maximus?