Thursday Night 'Ring' at GW Grapevine Mills

Lord of the Rings Strategy Battles and it's larger-scale supplement, War of the Ring, will take center stage at Games Workshop Grapevine Mills Thursday evenings this spring, as Chris, Adam, Erik, Mason and the staff invite hobbyists interested in learning these games and veteran generals of Middle Earth alike to come war for control of the 'one Ring to rule them all!'

Initial games will be smaller in scope, to help players build the army of their choice and master the game's dynamics; subsequent Thursdays may see special events such as tourneys and megabattles if interest proves sufficient.

If you are a fan of Tolkein's prose, Jackson's films, GW's excellent, character-driven rules and/or the stunning line of dedicated Citadel miniatures, Thursday evenings at GW Grapevine Mills will be the place to immerse yourself in tabletop wargaming across the face of Middle Earth! Contact anyone at the store for further details about Thursday Night Rings!