Result: Lone Star Comics Dallas 40K 'Capture the Flag' Contest

Fifteen hobbyists came out for Lone Star's 'Capture The Flag' bash, and with Space Marines, Space Wolves, Imperial Guard, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tyranids and Necrons represented, forces aligned fairly evenly along traditional 'order' versus 'disorder' factions (the Inquisition and Chaos must've been off battling amongst themselves). Chris' assault marines and Dylan's craftworld eldar had it toughest on the 'order' left flank, tying each other for the most complete wipeouts-and-respawnings, while Dave's destroyer lord on the opposite end seized a flag in turn one and held it the entire game. Glenn's grav-chuting guardsmen won 'boldest move' of the event when they heroically inserted from their Vendetta onto a flag in the face of a wall of Josh's dual-tervigon-created-tyranids...and held out for a visually-impressively-long time against the swarm (Glenn has promised to post photos)...while Brady's swarmlord-templated Pitlord of Tartarus hive tyrant won 'frustrated monstrous creature' of the event, as he spent the entire game trying to find a single opponent from first the 'order' side then the 'disorder' side willing to engage him, without success. Prizes were awarded via random draw, with each flag point earned accruing players an extra chit in the stocking...and thanks to host Lone Star Comics Dallas for sweetening the deal so that every participant took home a poster, hobby paint or some other gift for their effort, at the end of the day!

'Capture the Flag' proved to be a very fun way to get 400 points of one's favorite models onto the tabletop; look for it again sometime early in 2011, so North Texas hobbyists can try out the new armies they receive for the holidays!

New Years Day Apocalypse at Texas Toy Soldier!

Saturday, January 1, the Texas Toy Soldier will host the first event of 2011--an all-day Apocalypse game of Warhammer 40K!

Located at 4220 Spring Valley, just east of Midway, the Texas Toy Soldier will be open regular hours--10am till 6pm--and will continue their big sale of 25% off all Games Workshop product and 10% off all other stock (historicals, supplies, terrain, everything!).

The Apocalypse game will occur in their comfortable onsite game room during business hours. Everyone is invited to bring out their armies, Apocalypse formations and superheavies...with the only caveat that every model used must be painted. So bring your best looking miniatures to the fray, Saturday, January 1, 2011, for the New Years Day Apocalypse at the Texas Toy Soldier!

Texas Toy Soldier 40K Gaming Day

North Texas' newest miniatures wargaming retailer, The Texas Toy Soldier, invites hobbyists to their inaugural Warhammer 40,000 Gaming Day Saturday, December 18, 2010!

Gamers Clay Smith and Steve Miller will moderate themed games in TTS's dedicated game room from 10am to 6pm: 1500 point painted armies with no proxies are invited to battle Clay and Steve's Orks (or each other)!

TTS welcomes all hobbyists to check out their selection of 40K, Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Lord of the Rings and other Games Workshop product as well as other miniatures wargaming lines--and to take advantage of all GW product at 25% off suggested retail price!

The Texas Toy Soldier is open four days a week, Wednesday through Saturday, from 10am to 6pm, at 4220 Spring Valley Road, just east of Midway, in the complex on the south side of the street.

Come experience their selection and dedicated play space Saturday at the 40K Gaming Day!

Lone Star Comics Dallas 40K 'Capture the Flag' Contest!

On Thursday, December 23, Lone Star Comics Dallas will host a Night-Before-Crushness Warhammer 40K event--a 400 point, face-all-comers, winner-take-all 'Capture the Flag' Contest!

From 5pm till 9pm, hobbyists may bring a 400-point, codex-legal army from any in print 40K codex and battle any opposing force for control of pre-established, movable 'flag' objectives. Each 400-point force must have 1 (and only 1) HQ choice, a 'leader' single model which is the only model in the force which can 'capture' a flag; the remainder of the points are not subject to the Force Org chart, meaning the player may construct them from any other elements of the codex they choose!

Players capture a flag by moving their designated HQ choice leader single model into base contact with it during the Movement (not Shooting/Running or Assault) phase; if the HQ choice model is still in base contact with the flag at the end of that--or any subsequent--player turn, the player earns one Flag Point each player turn. The winner is the player at the end of the night who has accumulated the most Flag Points.

Opponents may deprive the HQ model of its captured flag by killing the model--by shooting, assault, blowing it up in a vehicle, any way possible--at which point the HQ drops the flag, ceases earning Flag Points...and any elements of the controlling player's army still on the board must begin moving toward the board edge point where they began play. Upon any model of that player's force reaching the board edge point, they obtain reinforcements and all casualties to that point--including their HQ model leader--are reconstituted, entering play from that board edge point at the beginning of their next Movement phase.

The flags may NEVER leave the tabletop. If a force in possession of the flag withdraws (see below) or is forced off the table by special rule, the flag is left at the last place on the table where the capturing model stood, and play continues.

Players may start and stop play as their schedule allows throughout the evening, keeping track of their total accrued Flag Points to determine victory.

Players will be assigned to one of two 'sides' without regard to army faction, only balancing the number of players on each side. Players are not actually working together, as in a megabattle, but to keep player turns and game turns straight, players may only attack armies on the opposing side. If a player wishes, they may 'change sides' as more players arrive to participate, by completing a withdrawal of their on table force to the board edge point as indicated above for receiving reinforcements, then starting at a board edge point on the opposite side in the following turn.

Board edge points are anywhere on the player's side's long table edge which allow the player's force to legally move onto the tabletop (ie, without coming within 1" of another model, etc).

Although fully painted armies are not required (this is a not-terribly-serious, all-for-fun kind of contest, and perfect for both beginners and experienced hobbyists wanting to try a new army), every participant who brings a fully based, fully painted 400-point force to play with will be able to roll a D3 before their first turn and get that many bonus Flag Points to start with--and if they make any purchase at Lone Star Dallas before or during their participation in the Capture the Flag contest, they can receive an additional one-time D3 roll bonus to their Flag Point total! These rolls MUST be witnessed by either the event moderator or a Lone Star Dallas employee.

Lone Star Dallas intends to award a grand prize to the general who accrues the most Flag Points--so bring your 400-point force, your codex, your printed, legal, legible army list and battle to the last Thursday, December 23 at the Night-Before-Crushness 40K 'Capture the Flag' event!

Heroes of Legend Contest at Lone Star Comics Plano!

Beginning Monday, December 6 and running through the end of December 2010, Lone Star Comics Plano will hold a 'Heroes of Legend' Painting Contest for Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K!

Interested participants can bring in any individual character model from either game system--be it general, wizard, lord, commander or boss; special character models included--to enter the contest. Models must be Citadel miniatures, based and in what submittors consider their fully-painted, finished state. Models will remain on display in-store through January 8th, where prizes will be awarded for First, Second and Third Place 'Hero' for each system!

Contact the Lone Star Plano crew for further details--or simply bring your submission to the store between 12/6 and 12/30, to see if your Hero is the stuff of Legend!

New Hobby Store Coming to North Texas!

The holiday season arrives this week--with a present for the North Texas gaming community: a new hobby store opens the Friday after Thanksgiving!

The Texas Toy Soldier will be located on Spring Valley Road, just east of Midway Road, in the North Dallas/Addison/Farmers Branch area. Initially open Wednesday through Saturday from 10a to 6p, the store will regularly feature three fully-scenicked 4'x8' game tables, which will be modular to accommodate special events. Hours can also be flexible to accommodate special events.

Watch Adeptus North Texas for the scheduling of such upcoming special events, and visit North Texas' newest retailer at your earliest opportunity!

4220 Spring Valley Road
Dallas, TX 75244


What better time than the run-up to the holidays--when we all want our stockings stuffed with 40K, Fantasy and Lord of the Rings goodness--for a GW sale? HobbytownUSA Dallas, at Central Expressway and Walnut Hill Lane, agrees...and is offering all Games Workshop models--pewter blister packs to normal plastic multipart unit boxes to gigantic vehicle kits--at a special price of 'Buy Three, Get a Fourth Free!' The lowest-priced product qualifies for the discount. All models, including the newest Dark Eldar releases, are eligible. Make your holiday lists today!

'TANKSGIVING' at HobbytownUSA Dallas!

HobbytownUSA Dallas invites Warhammer Fantasy Battles players to celebrate 'Tanksgiving' with a painting contest special event: purchase a Warhammer Fantasy Steam Tank kit from HobbytownUSA Dallas, build/paint/customize it to your best ability, then bring it to HTUD to display anytime between now and Thanksgiving week: the model judged Most Outstanding Steam Tank will receive a prize, and prizes will be awarded in other categories as judges (and entries!) see fit: Best Youngblood Tank, Best 'Non-Empire' Tank, Best Tank Conversion, etc!

Judging will occur the weekend following Thanksgiving; all entries must be purchased either off-the-shelf or via special order from HobbytownUSA Dallas, and returned to the store for display in the Game Section cabinet before Thanksgiving Day. Submitting hobbyists warrant that the model submitted is representative of their own building, converting and painting effort.

Full steam ahead to HobbytownUSA Dallas for the Steam Tank Model Contest 'Tanksgiving' Event!

Saturday Night 40K and Fantasy at Lone Star Dallas!

Lone Star Comics Dallas announces in-store Saturday Night Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy Battles play!

Beginning with 40K Oct 16 and alternating each weekend--WHFB will begin Oct 23--Lone Star will offer starter play every Saturday evening that no special scheduled in-store event conflicts; 40K play will use Combat Patrol rules as found on the Adeptus North Texas site -- in summary 400 point armies, one Troop choice required, no AV exceeding 12, no 2+ Saves, 2 Wound maximum) and WHFB will use Border Skirmish rules as found on same (in summary 500 points, one Core choice required, no Lord level characters, Level One or Two spellcasters only).

If participation takes off, expect to see tournaments, multiplayer special megabattles and other events--complete with prize support--become a feature of Saturday night play at Lone Star Comics Dallas, Abrams at Park!

Nov 13 & 14 XMax 40K Doubles Tourney: Defensive Line!

XMax Games Dallas announces their next tournament, a return of the very popular Warhammer 40K Doubles Team Tourney format, which will tie into the ongoing Scytulus III North Texas narrative and feature a special theme that will affect all four game rounds: Defensive Line!

When: Saturday, November 13 and Sunday, November 14, 2010

Time: 3p-7p Saturday, 2p-6p Sunday (two rounds of play each afternoon for four total games)

Pts: 1000 maximum per two-player Doubles Team (minimum 400points/1 Troop choice per player)

Where: XMax Games Dallas

Cost: Purchase of either one Bastion or Aegis Line kit per team from XMax Games OR $20 registration fee per team (in which case teams must supply their own Bastion or Aegis Line for play)

Max players: 16 Doubles Teams (32 players)

Theme: Defensive Line!--at least one player from each Doubles Team will purchase either a Bastion or Aegis Line kit from XMax Games in order to qualify their Team to register (or provide it if purchasing their team registration as noted), then will bring their completed kits to use in the Tournament: Teams which bring a Bastion may use its standard heavy bolter weapons and/or com-link if modelled, Teams which bring an Aegis Line may roll each game to see what benefit it confers (if *each* player on a Doubles Team purchases a Bastion or Aegis Line from XMax, the team may use *both* to defend their line!):

1-2) Shieldwall, 2+ Cover Save and Difficult Terrain to cross
3) Minefield, 4+ Cover Save and Dangerous Terrain for opponent to cross
4) Tank Trap, 4+ Cover Save and Impassable for Vehicles
5-6) Barricades, 5+ Cover Save and Difficult Terrain to cross

Rally your best mate for battle, watch Adeptus North Texas for additional details, get your Bastion or Aegis Line purchased, built and customized to match your armie(s) for extra points, and be prepared to further the storyline of the ongoing Scytulus III campaign at XMax Games 40K Doubles Team Tourney: Defensive Line, November 13 and 14, 2010!

Result: Madness Games Scytulus III Apocalypse Megabattle

After carnage undreamt-of, both Defenders and Ruin left the massive battle in the agrofields outside Scytulus III's major habs mostly frustrated: the stalwart bastion built by the Imperium to overwatch the verdant fields was flattened, and neither the Dragonriders tactical squad remaining in its wreckage nor the villainous Bloodthirster Kubrash assaulting them could claim to hold it uncontested; though an heroic effort by the Emerald Lions and Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Rhadamanthus Goh's pheromone-controlled Tyranid monster had driven off the forces of Ruin holding it, the food storage/processing facility holding the last resources collected before the daemonic invasion had been wrecked as well, and no Imperial defenders were in position to resecure it; the abduction attempt of the radical Daemonhunter Sunvale had been nearly accomplished but fallen just short of success; and the mysterious Necrons which arrived midbattle as Inquisitor Goh had predicted frustratingly phased back out before the Defenders could learn what secrets they possessed about what was befalling Scytulus III. In short--one objective was contested and three were unaccomplished, leaving the second major clash on Scytulus III an unresolved draw...

For the Defenders, however, it was something of a rally in the face of the relentless daemonic onslaught--and a moral victory in driving Ruin from the second objective with a monumental final turn effort. And the intelligence (that not all on Scytulus III is as it seems, that there are fell powers other than the invading daemons which will ultimately need reckoning with) brought from parts unknown by the Inquisitor Lord seemed confirmed with the Necrons' appearance.

And for Ruin...when all is smoke and flame and death, at the end of the day, carcasses and wreckage scattered across the battlefield and far more slain than living--that is a 'draw' Ruin will always count a victory...

Thanks to Madness Games for a terrific afternoon in a fantastic store and playing facility, and to all thirteen participants for getting almost 20,000 points into action on the tabletop, and for the bounty of memorable moments that are the sum of why Apocalypse is such a fun version of Warhammer 40,000 to play. Watch for your chance to join them in participating in the next chapter in the ongoing sage of the Seige of Scytulus III!

Next 40K Megabattle at Madness Games Plano!

Sunday, September 5th, 2010, at noon, Madness Games in Plano will show off their newly-relocated store, complete with fantastic new gaming space, to the North Texas community, by hosting a Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse Megabattle continuing the Scytulus III campaign narrative!

Participants may bring any one superheavy or gargantuan creature (of any points value, from Apocalypse, Apocalypse Reload, Imperial Armour I and II or GW's Apocalypse resource website) OR 500 points of their chosen army to the battle (no Force Org required, per standard Apocalypse rules). Players with larger forces are encouraged to bring additional units in 500 point increments, which can be added to their initial force to balance sides as needed. There will be no need to register for this battle in advance...simply compose your chosen force or construct your superheavy vehicle, and arrive on the day ready to fight for the Ruin of the besieged planet Scytulus III--as Chaos Daemons, Chaos Space Marines, Traitor Guard, Tyranids, Orks, Necrons or Dark Eldar--or stand in its Defense--as Inquisition, Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Eldar or Tau.

Anyone interested in bringing something costlier than the initial 500 point force which is not a superheavy-equivalent--such as a particular Apocalypse Datasheet, for example--can so indicate via , so that opposing-side players can create a counterbalancing force. In fact, indicating in advance on the hobby website emailing list that you will be attending, and for which side, will be a good way for players of either faction to begin coordinating with each other: the balance between the game-altering power of Apocalypse superheavies and Datasheets and the scoring units necessary to actually achieve victory can be a tricky thing to manage...

The Imperial world of Scytulus III is a precious resource--rich in the promethium reserves which power the Imperial war machine, and a potential recruiting world for multiple space marine chapters--and an ominous mystery, as its far continent appears to have been overtaken by catastrophe which has sundered the boundary between universes, letting the horrors of the Warp pour through. The initial clash has gone to Chaos, as whole Imperial cities have been smashed to ruin and their people enslaved; can her Defenders rally, or will Evil press their advantage to ever more terrible effect?

You can decide, at Madness Games, Sunday, September 5th!

Result: North Texas 40K Playoffs

The children of Khaine carried the day at the Final of the summer 2010 North Texas 40K Playoffs, hosted by HobbytownUSA Dallas, as Michael Sanford's Eldar defeated Tommy Pistole's Eldar 44-42, closely contested by Nick Villacci's Salamanders Space Marines and Dave Pakalnis' Tau.

Michael says he intends to use the $500 HTUD gift certificate to jumpstart his new Warhammer Fantasy Battle Lizardmen army. That will make an impressive splash in the Old World...

Thanks to everyone who participated in the summerlong series, and to HTUD for sponsoring and hosting it; it was good to be back in the premises of the Game Hall (where so many hobby memories have been made) again...

North Texas 40K Playoffs Championship Rules

The North Texas 40K Playoffs conclude Saturday, August 21, 2010 at HobbytownUSA Dallas with a 1500 Point, one-day, three-round, full-scoring Tournament, for the four Bracket Finalists to test their forces in the crucible of battle against *each* other winner!


Four Players; 1500 Point Armies using standard Force Organization from a current, inprint Codex; three games of approximately 2 hours' duration each (including setup); highest Overall score of the available 60 points (detailed following) wins the tourney--and the $500 Gift Certificate from sponsor HobbytownUSA Dallas!


Painting: Maximum 10 Points.
Sportsmanship: Maximum 10 Points.
Army List: Maximum of 5 Points.
Games: Maximum of 30 Points.
Presentation: Maximum of 5 Points.


*All Players entering the Tournament must attest they are primarily responsible for having painted their armies themselves. This does not preclude assistance from parents/friends/significant others, so long as the painting is primarily representative of the player's own skill and effort.*

Painting Scoring is cumulative (undercoated figures with no other paint but elaborate bases still score only at the first 1 Point level, for example).

Armies are scored to the perceived level of the least-finished model used.

Armies which require no level 4 decals/squad markings (some Tyranid and Necron armies, as an example) are not penalized for that, and will simply either receive 3 points or 5+, as appropriate to the level completed.

1 Point--All figures/vehicles assembled, based and undercoated (anything less is zero).
2 Points--Judge's optional score for armies with one (or more) models at previous level, but one (or more) at a level higher on the Painting Scoring scale.
3 Points--Above plus all figures in basic uniform colour(s) plus all obvious details (facial skin, weapons/weapons cases, shoulder pads/trim, bases, etc) complete.
4 Points--Above plus all appropriate decals/squad markings added.
5 Points--Above plus details painted (pouches, lenses, skulls, aquila, etc).
6 Points--Above plus bases flocked or otherwise scenicked.
7 Points--Judge's optional score for excellence to the above level, before advanced painting techniques are attempted.
8 Points--Above plus effective washes or highlighting (effectiveness to be determined by judges).
9 Points--Above plus effective blending (effectiveness to be determined by judges).
10 Points--Award of Merit for ONE of the armies which qualified for 9 Points; this Player will receive an extra point (for a Painting score of 10), and the Award of Merit for Best Painter.

If no Players qualify for 9 Points, the Player with the highest score in Painting will receive the Award of Merit for Best Painter but will retain the lower earned Painting score, for calculating Overall Winner. In the event of a tie the winner will be determined by consensus of the judges.


Each Player will confidentially score their three opponents for Sportsmanship by ballot under the following guidelines, and be scored by their own opponents under the same guidelines, for each of the three rounds; after completion of the third game, the player with the highest total Sportsmanship points will receive the Award of Merit for Best Sportsman, an additional point.

0 Points--Not a fun opponent. Not a fun, balanced or thematic army. Not an opponent I would like to play again.
1 Point--A quality 40K opponent OR a fair, balanced, thematic 40K army, I would willingly face again.
2 Points--A quality 40K opponent AND a fair, balanced, thematic army both, who I would happily face again.
3 Points--a Hobby Champion, whose play style and army provided the best kind of fun 40K gameplay experience: thank you!


1 Point--Printed, legal, legible Army List presented to judges at beginning of tourney, and each opponent at beginning of each round, with player's name on List, all units accurately identified (including Force Org allocation, gear and squad options) and pointed out; anything less is a Zero...*and Army Lists which receive scores of Zero can cause submitting players to forfeit their right to any winnings, particularly if inaccuracies in the List are at cause.*
2 Points--Above plus army and all characters/units/vehicles evocatively named.
3 Points--Above plus either written background for the Army or decorative artwork/presentation for the List undertaken by Player (or both).
+1-2 Points--Award of Merit points for ANY Army List which judges deem of exceptionally high quality, either in written background, decorative presentation, or both, to a total maximum of 5.


Players in each game will receive 2 Points for a Loss, 5 Points for a Draw and 10 Points for a Win.


Players may earn up to 5 Points for Presentation of their armies at Tournament. These points may be earned as follows:

1 Point--Having a decorative presentation base/carrying tray/diorama for displaying/transporting their army.
1 Point--Having notable effective conversion(s) to figures/vehicles which personalize their army. Conversions can be as simple as substituting bitz from one GW figure to another or as elaborate as from-scratch greenstuff-sculpting, but the qualifying conditions are that said conversions be 'notable'--ie, that the judges notice them--and 'effective'--meaning that they add to, rather than detract from, the presentation of a Player's army (note that Players should feel free to point out conversions to judges to meet the first criteria, as very few of even the most well-qualified judges will be familiar with every figure, vehicle kit and bit GW produces!).
+1-3 Points--additional Award of Merit points for Presentation presented by the judges in any instances where the notable effective conversions in an army are deemed to be of exceptionally high quality or the Display board is considered notably effective, evocative or otherwise well-done, to a maximum of 5.


Awards of Merit for Army List, Painting, Presentation and Sportmanship will be presented in the form of Points added to Players' Overall scores, as noted above.

Prizes will be awarded to the Finalist who achieves the highest Overall score:

$500 HobbytownUSA Dallas Gift Card
Entry to Wasteland Wars 7 40K Tourney
The unfailing admiration of the North Texas community for the hobbyist crowned North Texas 40K Playoffs Champion for 2010!

Result: Scytulus Megabattle at XMax

Dragonriders Chapter Space Marine Master Elias, ably supported by dreadnoughts Orion and Braxxas (who seismic-hammered a Brass Scorpion into the warp); Warden Midas of the Penal Imperial Guard; and crack shot Imperial Guard Captain Daniel rallied to the defense of the citizenry of Scytulus III, it's towering Imperium buildings falling to pieces as the planet shook and the skies turned to blood, leaving the survivors huddling in the intact medieval stonework structures in the old city. The fighting was door-to-door and hand-to-hand as daemonic minions of Tzeentchian Lord Kerracch, Bloodthirster Kubrash and their Traitor minions--including two superheavy Brass Scorpions and a fallen Shadowsword--used the unexplained catastrophe befalling the planet to step through the sundered reality and reap souls.

At the end, the underdog Defenders, with no superheavies of their own to counter the attackers, wildly outnumbered and outgunned, fell to Ruin, withdrawing with such citizenry as they could protect to regroup. The hideous cackling of triumphant daemonry dogged their retreat, along with the lamentations of the captured...including initiates of several Space Marine chapters which recruit from the feudal Scytulus population...

And the mystery of the Apocalypse befalling Scytulus III remains...

NTx 40K Playoff Final Sat, Aug 21 at HTUD

The schedule is set for the Final of the North Texas 40K Playoffs Saturday, August 21, 2010 at HobbytownUSA Dallas--with the winner taking home a ticket to Wasteland Wars 7 in the fall, and a $500 gift certificate to HobbytownUSA Dallas!

8:45-9am: Check-In/Army List Submission
9am-11:15am: Round One
11:15am-12:30pm: Lunch
12:30pm-2:30pm: Round Two
2:45pm-4:45pm: Round Three
5pm: Awards

Bracket Runners-up are welcome to arrive before Round One in the event on of the four Bracket Winners does not show up. As of this announcement, Michael, Dave, Tommy and Nick have all committed to attend.

Thanks to HTUD for sponsoring the Playoffs (and opening the Game Room an hour before the store itself will open, for the final); watch this space for announcement of a big sale on the day, to encourage hobbyists to come out for the championship!

Scytulus Campaign 40K Megabattle at XMax Aug 15!

Scytulus III is a world in cataclysm, riven by dimensional cascades which have unleashed the chaotic, the daemonic and the wicked upon it. Defenders of order have swarmed to defend the wartorn world. The result? Apocalypse...

The battle for Scytulus III will play out in events across North Texas in the coming months--and XMax Games Dallas will host a Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse multi-player megabattle Sunday, August 15, 2010 to open the campaign, and determine whether a critical component of Scytulus III's infrastructure holds, or falls.

To participate, interested hobbyists need only make any Games Workshop purchase from XMax, sign up for an available slot representing either the Defenders of Order or the Forces of Ruin, then arrive on Sunday, Aug 15 at 1pm with the force they have committed to. Slots will vary in size beginning as small as 500 points, allowing even starter hobbyists to participate in the campaign.

Slots are limited, and can be claimed following a qualifying purchase on a first-come/first-served basis. Registering for a slot represents a commitment; players who fail to honour it will be disallowed future participation in the campaign. All models used in the megabattle must be assembled, primed and based Citadel miniatures, as realistically WYSIWYG as possible; the larger participation slots will be limited to fully-painted armies only. Remember, Apocalypse games do NOT require Force Org compliance (players may bring whatever they desire), and DO allow superheavy vehicles, gargantuan creatures and datasheet formations. Each participant will need an accurate, printed army list for his megabattle force.

The only additional requirement is that every player should have a named, designated Commander of their force, a persona who, ideally, will become a continuing figure in the developing continuity of the Scytulus III campaign--hero or villain.

The wall between worlds is coming down on Scytulus III. Daemons pour forth from the warp; aliens descend from the darkness; constructs crawl forth from the earth. Join the destruction or stand firm against it Sunday, August 15 at 1pm at XMax Games and make your mark in ongoing forty-first millennium history!

Warhammmer Escalation League at The Gamers Realm!

Interest in Warhammer Fantasy Battles is peaking in North Texas with the release of the 8th edition rulebook and the new Blood Island starter box, and The Gamers Realm in Richardson will provide players the perfect outlet for building a new army and mastering the new edition rules for play, via their Warhammer Escalation League!

The League will run for ten weeks--beginning play August 15 and running through October 23--with play beginning at a modest 1000 points and increasing in two-week intervals by 500 points, until by late October players have a completed Grand Army force of 3000 points! Interested participants can begin building their army immediately; participation requires only a single purchase of a GW boxed set of at least $25 value, with the stipulations that it be something which supports the army you intend to play, and actually appears in your army list by the third two-week cycle of play.

Although participating in each cycle of the League will be the ideal way to build an army for WHFB8 play, TGR recognizes how real life can interfere with one's desire to get in as much Warhammer as possible, and so have structured the League so participants do NOT have to participate in all five. Players can join the League at any time, and may remain in the League even if they miss cycles. As an incentive, however, TGR will offer prizes at the climax of the Escalation League, for which participants MUST have played in at least three cycles!

To further distinguish their Escalation League, TGR will have dedicated scenarios on-hand for each of the five cycles...and a huge Warhammer Fantasy Battles tournament in-store for top qualifiers, to climax the campaign!

TGR's Escalation League will require all models be assembled and based; painting, decorative basing, and all of the other aesthetic aspects of the Games Workshop hobby so important to the tabletop experience will be encouraged and have certain in-League rewards, but are not strictly required for participation (this is an Escalation League, after all, with a paramount goal encouraging participation in WHFB!). All currently in-print Army Books will be allowed; players with an interest in playing a possible variant list must see league moderator Jonathan at TGR who will rule on whether it will be allowed.

And if you are a Fantasy veteran, do not discount the value of participating in the League: graduating-size battles with your existing army will be a convenient way to learn how it will adapt to the 8th edition ruleset, and your expertise will prove invaluable to the opponents you face on the tabletop new to the Old World!

Interested hobbyists can make their qualifying purchase today and beginning unit construction toward cycle one of The Gamers Realm's Warhammer Escalation League, beginning August 15. See TGR for any additional details. Epic adventure awaits!

North Texas Blood Bowl

The Dallas/Fort Worth area will see a new season of Blood Bowl begin in August! With rules available at using the LRB6 ruleset dowloadable from GW free at

Hobbyists interested in the Old World antics of this kind of 'fantasy football' are encouraged to meet at GW Grapevine Mills on Sundays (or anywhere, anytime in North Texas convenient to two or more league participants) and experience the hilarity. And remember any local stockist can order everything needed for you to play from the Specialist Games section of the GW website!

Warhammer Blood Island Starter Set

Games Workshop will release the 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles starter box set September 4th. Blood Island will feature High Elves versus Skaven; the defenders of Ulthuan starter box army includes two regiments of foot, a cavalry unit and a magnificent general on monstrous flying creature.The Skaven will counter with massed infantry of ratmen plus Poison Wind Globadiers and at least two hulking Rat Ogres!

These all new models will join the recently-released Skaven army book and model inventory and October-releasing new High Elf inventory. If you are considering either (very potent) force as your commandery of choice for WHFB8, you will be spoiled for stunningly-sculpted miniatures--and if either Goblins or Dwarves are your preference (both of which will also see new supporting model releases in upcoming months) now is the time to find one of the remaining WHFB7 Skull Pass starter boxes still on a local retailer's shelf--once those are gone, all of the included models (which, like the upcoming Blood Island contents, form the core of an outstanding beginning Warhammer Fantasy army) will go with them....

North Texas 40K Summer Playoffs at HobbytownUSA!

Do you have what it takes to command your 40K army through to victory against all comers? Could you claim a $500 shopping spree as grand prize? Find out this summer at HobbytownUSA Dallas, as they host the 2010 North Texas 40K Playoffs!

Players will sign up at HTUD to compete in one of four preliminary brackets on weekends through the summer, four players in each bracket playing two win-or-lose rounds, with the four winners of each bracket advancing to face each other in a single Final Four day of combat at the end of August; these finalists will play three rounds, one game against each of the other three finalists--and that winner will claim forty-first millennium supremacy for all of North Texas!

Entry fee is $25 to participate in one of the four, four-player qualifying brackets. There will be no additional charge to the finalists for participation in the Final Four round. To register, players must have a fully-painted 1500 point 40K army and a printed, valid army list to turn in to judges from a current, inprint codex. These qualifications *must* be met; any player who arrives on the day of his preliminary bracket with a less than fully-painted army and/or an inaccurate, illegible or invalid army list will forfeit their slot in that bracket to a registered, present Alternate and will not receive a refund of registration.

Will it be worth it? Sponsors HobbytownUSA Dallas and Games Workshop are putting up a $50 prize of GW product for *each* of the four preliminary bracket winners--and the hobbyist crowned North Texas 40K Playoff Champion will take home a $500 gift certificate to HobbytownUSA Dallas as Grand Prize!

See HobbytownUSA Dallas to register for one of the limited sixteen preliminary round slots, or the North Texas mailing list accessible from for latest details, answers to questions, etc.

Preliminary Bracket Dates:

  1. Sunday, June 27
  2. Saturday, July 17
  3. Sunday, July 31
  4. Sunday, Aug 8
  5. North Texas 40K Summer Playoff Final: Saturday, Aug 21

Results: Astronomi-Con Dallas 2010

The first Astronomi-Con Dallas was a resounding success on all fronts: a national-scale 40K event returned to North Texas and was impressively supported by the community, something appreciated not only by Astro organizers, host The Gamers Realm and all sponsors but by Games Workshop, as well...and the near sell-out roster of players got to experience the very best weekend the hobby has to offer!

  • BEST OVERALL: Clay Smith (Orks)
    2nd Place: Christopher Allen (Space Marines--Iron Hands)
    3rd Place: Michael Sanford (Daemonhunters)
  • BEST SPORTSMAN: Christopher Allen (Space Marines--Iron Hands)
  • BEST ARMY: Billy Pistole (Traitor IG)
  • BEST APPEARANCE: Michael Sanford (Daemonhunters)
  • BEST GENERAL: Raymond Nerpel (Chaos Space Marines--Death Guard)
  • BEST SINGLE MINI: Nam Nguyen (IG)
  • BEST TERRAIN: Dave Pakalnis (Tau Empire)
  • BEST ARMY LIST: Kyle Foster (Space Marines--Ultramarines)

Result: Pre-Astro Terrain Table Tourney

Eleven dedicated hobbyists brought their Astronomi-Con-tuned 1500 point Warhammer 40K armies to The Gamers Realm to test their mettle against the kind of terrain, missions--and scoring!--they will face in two weeks, when the Games Workshop Grand Tournament Circuit comes to North Texas via Astronomi-Con Dallas!

Thanks to those who submitted tables for use in the upcoming GT: six new additional tables will supplement those supplied by TGR and other sponsors, all with customized, dedicated scenarios written by the Astronomi-Con staff. Interested players can still register to participate at --where you will face opponents, and their Astro armies, like these Pre-Astro event winners:

  • BEST OVERALL: Dennis Ovens, Imperial Guard -- 78 points
  • BEST SPORTSMAN (and Second Place Overall): Brady Allen, Tyranids -- 77 points
  • BEST APPEARANCE (and Third Place Overall): Clay Smith, Orks -- 74 points
  • BEST GENERAL: Mark Pollet, Chaos Space Marines

The tournament winner collects a membership to any future Astronomi-Con of his choice AND a ticket to this year's GamesDay (including limited edition miniature!) courtesy of Astronomi-Con and Games Workshop, and the other winners collect gift cards courtesy of The Gamers Realm--total prizes awarded for the day exceeded US$200 in value...just a taste of what is to come at Astronomi-Con itself

Congratulations to all participants, as so many games literally came down to final turns; special kudos to Ian Kershaw and Dave Pakalnis, Best Sportsman runners-up, and Sid Stallings, Best Appearance runner-up. Thanks to ringer Steve Burroughs, from a grateful event moderator...and to everyone at The Gamers Realm, for sponsoring today's Pre-Astro event, and on June 19 and 20, 2010, Astronomi-Con Dallas!

GW Grapevine Mills Army List Challenge

Games Workshop Grapevine Mills announces a new event: the Army List Challenge Kick Off. Beginning Saturday, May 15, the Army List Challenge is essentially a giant raffle, designed to help hobbyists start (and complete!) a 1000 point playable list for Warhammer Fantasy or 40K, or a 300 point list for Lord of the Rings. Submit this list to GW GVM--and when you purchase from them everything you need to field that list, you get a raffle ticket. Build everything you've purchased for the list, and you get another raffle ticket. Paint everything you've built, and you get a third ticket. If you play a game with another hobbyist participating in the Army List Challenge, you get an additional ticket--and if you win that game, you get two tickets. At the end of June, GW GVM Manager Chris will draw a winning raffle ticket *for each system*...and that winner will get to write a second 1000 point list, for which everything needed will be provided FREE. There is no limit to the number of lists hobbyists may create and participate with--all three systems (or multiple armies within systems) can be explored--a great option with Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition on the summer horizon! See the staff of Games Workshop Grapevine Mills for details!

All About Fun Hobbies Euless Dual 40K Event

All About Fun Hobbies in Euless announces two related events for Warhammer 40K:

  1. A painting contest featuring Squads from any Games Workshop army;
  2. A Tournament in which those newly painted Squads can take part.

For aeons, the area of Imperial space known as 'Mid-cities' has been a desolate wasteland for commanders in the 41st millenium. Recent reports from a Blood Angels exploratory fleet suggest that a small destination of worth has begun to reverberate in the warp. Long overlooked on star charts, this new stirring has sparked the interest of man.

Would you join the forces reclaiming what secrets this planet has to share? Would you move to intercept those forces and claim for yourself whatever prizes lay in wait?

All About Fun Hobbies Euless Dual 40K Event will feature a painting contest for Squads from any Games Workshop army, and a Tournament in which those newly painted Squads can take part. Hobbyists can participate in one or both, with a qualifying purchase.

AAFH views this as the perfect competition for anyone taking part in the myriad different 40K events occurring this summer. If you are looking to participate in Astronomi-con Dallas, GW Ard Boys, the North Texas 40K Championships or any of the other awesome summer tournaments in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, All About Fun Hobbies adds this painting contest and tournament for you to get more bang for your hobby buck. Come in, make a purchase for your army you may need to ready it for those other events, then bring your finished Squad back to AAFH on June 27th to compete in the painting contest. On Sunday, July 4, 2010, celebrate the holiday with an afternoon 500-point 40K tourney moderated by the AAFH staff and featuring your Squad!

This is a great way for people in the Euless/Mid-cities area to get involved in the hobby, since army size for the tourney will be only 500 points. And AAFH will offer a special deal for beginning players, allowing them AND a friend to enter both parts of this dual event (see rules following)! But as with all North Texas events, you needn't live local to the store to participate in its events; just follow the rules below and enter!

All About Fun Hobbies is located 1/4 Mile North of Highway 183 on the left side of North Main in Euless (next to Tequila Rain), close to the Highway 360 crossing, at 415 N Main St. Suite 105, Euless, Tx 76039, phone (817) 494-2647.

+++All About Fun Hobbies Dual 40K Event+++

Warhammer 40K Painting Contest Rules:

  1. Purchase (including by order if your choice is not in stock) one 25$ or more Games Workshop item. Special Rule: A total purchase of $60 or more of Games Workshop products will qualify you AND a friend for one entry each in the painting contest (note this would include the Assault on Black Reach starter boxed set, which includes two outstanding 500+ point starter armies--orks and space marines).
  2. Any Games-Workshop purchase qualifies; however, the painting contest is specifically a showcase of Infantry Squads from any army in the Warhammer 40K universe. The Squad entered into the painting contest thus does not have to be the item purchased from the store (however, it must be painted by the person entering it into the competition).
  3. All Squads entered in the painting contest must be Unit Type: Infantry and be codex-legal (ie, they must meet the minimum size, have only options listed for such a Squad in their rules, etc). Squads which are very similar (ie, Jump Infantry) may be approved by AAFH judges to be entered in the contest on a case-by-case basis.
  4. All Squad entries must be handed in before 5pm, Sunday, June 27th, 2010 (earlier submissions are encouraged and will be prominently displayed in store).
  5. All Squads will remain on display through the July 4th holiday weekend, while judging occurs; Squads and prizes can be picked up after.
  6. There will be multiple prizes available including 'Best Squad' and 'Best Troops Squad;' further prizes may be offered depending on the number of entries.

Warhammer 40K Tournament Rules

  1. Purchase (including by order if your choice is not in stock) one $25 or more Games Workshop item. Special Rule: A total purchase of $60 or more of Games Workshop products will qualify you AND a friend for one entry each in the tournament (note this would include the Assault on Black Reach starter boxed set, which includes two outstanding 500+ point starting armies--orks and space marines). If you enter the painting contest described above, your tournament entry is free!
  2. If you use the Squad that you entered in the painting contest in your tournament army, it will receive a scoring bonus for the tournament.
  3. If you use the item purchased from the store in your tournament army, it will

    *These bonuses are stackable (meaning, a person who purchases a Squad, paints it for the painting contest, and fields it in the tournament would benefit from both scoring bonuses for the tournament--as well as any prize they might win for the painting contest!).*

  4. The tournament will feature armies of no more than 500 points, with one mandatory Troops choice the only Force Organization requirement. There will be at most three rounds for participants to take part in.
  5. Tournament Awards will include Best General, for the winner of the most games, and Best All Around Player, which will be voted by contestants and include considerations like army composition, completeness, and sportsmanship. See AAFH judges for further details.
  6. The tournament will be held Sunday July 4th, 2010, from 11AM-5PM, at All About Hobbies Euless. Games will start at 11:30 and run for roughly 1.5 hours each. The Awards ceremony is scheduled for 4:30PM.

Pre-Astro Terrain Table Tournament, Saturday, June 5, 2010

Interested in giving your 1500 Point Astronomi-Con Dallas army a 'test run?' Need additional motivation to complete your entry in Astronomi-Con's Terrain Table competition? Want to make your Astronomi-Con Dallas registration an even greater value?

The Gamers Realm will host a Pre-Astro Terrain Table Tournament Saturday, June 5, 2010--two weeks in advance of Astronomi-Con's arrival upon the Dallas gaming scene. Registration for this three-round, one-day event is $20...*unless* you have already purchased your Astronomi-Con ticket, in which case the cost is half-price, only $10! *However*--if you complete your tableful of terrain for Astronomi-Con's Terrain Table competition and bring it to TGR in advance, we will play over it in this preliminary event...and you pay *no entry fee* to participate at all!

There are so many virtues of the Astronomi-Con convention series to extol, and such things as their transparent scoring system and varied scenarios are rightly often mentioned--but of equal note is their tradition of having unique terrain (with unique challenges) on every table...and the way they celebrate player excellence in all facets of the GW Hobby. Their Terrain Table competition supports both of these goals: it encourages yet more varied tables of terrain, and awards a convention trophy of equal merit and coolness to all the others to the player whose table is voted best!

This first international Astronomi-Con outside the series' Canadian borders features special logistic challenges, not least of them providing all of the terrain; Dallas is simply too impractically far to load up a truck and drive all the terrain to. This Terrain Table competition, therefore, becomes even more important, because every tableful of terrain provided locally is one less thing the con staff needs to worry about.

Thus this event: while it *will* be a fun-filled afternoon, with registration costs going to prizes to make it even more worthwhile, and the opportunity to get three rounds in early with one's Astro army should prove very valuable...the chief goal is to further encourage participation in the Terrain Table competition at Astronomi-Con Dallas June 19/20.

And as a special incentive, Astronomi-Con is supporting this event with two valuable prizes: if the winner of this tournament is a submitter of a Terrain Table as well, they will win 1) a free registration to a future Astronomi-Con event of their choice (a value of $75 or more, depending on event chosen) and 2) a ticket to the ultimate celebration of the GW Hobby, this year's Games Workshop Games Day! So ready your army--and your battlefield!--register for Astronomi-Con Dallas at (where you can find additional details about the Terrain Table aspect of the con), follow developments for this major event at sign-up at The Gamers Realm for the Pre-Astro Terrain Table Tournament, Saturday, June 5!


10am: Check-In/Table Assignment
10:30am-12:30pm: Round One
12:30pm-1:30pm: Lunch
1:30pm-3:30pm: Round Two
3:45pm-5:45pm: Round Three
6pm: Awards

Wraith Gate 40K Tourney at Gamers Realm April 25

The Wraith Gate website is happy to announce hosting a tournament at The Gamers Realm April 25th for Warhammer 40K! The tournament will follow rules of 1,750 Points, Normal Force Organization, with only current, inprint codices allowed. It will be open to 12 players, with expansion to 16 with sufficient interest; a purchase from The Gamers Realm of $15 of Games Workshop product will allow players to sign up. All awards will be based on points received throughout the tournament: Best Painted, Best General, Best Overall. The schedule begins with submission of army lists at 11am, with three rounds of battle culminating in a scheduled awards ceremony at 5:45pm. Good luck, generals...and Wraith Gate!

Results: The Gamers Realm Doubles Tournament

+++Overall Champions: Mark Pollet & John Nelson+++
+++Best Sportsmen (and Second Place): Kyle Foster & Brady Allen+++
+++Best Army (and Third Place): Russ and Ken Elliott+++

Power armour dominated at this event, with pre-Heresy Thousand Sons and Emperor's Children clashing with Blood Angels and Space Wolves on the top table for the championship (and Ultramarines part of the team which would finish second overall after one vanquished the other); in the end, Mark and John's Traitor Primogenitor legions bested Russ and Ken's Loyalist primogenitor chapters, by the slimmest of margins (each had three units vying for control of the shipwreck which held the target objective, the Heretics breaking the tie two scoring units to one); but there was justice nevertheless, as Russ and Ken took the Best Army voting and secured that award (with Mark and John runners-up there), and both top-table teams tied for runner-up Best Sportsman with five out of a possible six points accrued (second place team Kyle and Brady scoring the only perfect six-of-six). Kudos to everyone who participated: Chad Jones & Lance Bock went undefeated, Jeff Whitehead & Bill Mikesell finished a close fourth overall and also netted five of a possible six Sportsmanship points, Randy Pope & Brian Rhodes were Murphy's Luck candidates (a single melta gun shot in one game and a run move by an opposing HQ in another turning two apparent victories into narrow defeats) and Alexz and Katarra Smelley netted not only excellent Sportsmanship scores but the 'Youngest 40K team' award! Also thanks to dad Eric Smelley, who acted as proxy for three rounds so no participants had to have byes (he would have gone undefeated and tied for Best Sportsman with his Wolves, if he had actually been participating in the tourney). Finally thanks to The Gamers Realm--this is as fine a hobby facility as one could hope for, and we are lucky to have it in North Texas, supporting miniatures gaming. Let's return the favour, especially as they gear up to be the primary host for Astronomi-Con Dallas June 2010! Congratulations to all the winners!

The Gamers Realm 40K Doubles Tourney April 11th: Descent of Angels!

The Blood Angels: to some they are the Emperor's winged defenders,gilded emissaries of all that is best in the Imperium; to others they are red of tooth-and-nail, uncontrollable monsters barely a step removed from Chaos. They are the Sanguinor and his Sanguinary Guard; they are LeMartes and his Death Company. They Know No Fear--and yet Thirst, and Rage.

They are the Blood Angels, they are returned to the 40K universe--and they are the centerpiece of the upcoming Doubles Tournament 'Descent of Angels' at The Gamers Realm Sunday, April 11, 2010, from Noon till 6pm!

A team may reserve their spot in the afternoon's action by making *any* one purchase of Blood Angels product from TGR (including preorders and even this month's White Dwarf!) *or* a purchase of any other Games Workshop/Citadel product of a total value exceeding $10.

Teams will consist of two players fielding armies not to exceed 500 points each (for a team total not to exceed 1000) composed from a single Force Organization chart. Each player's army must contain 1 Troops choice, and at least one player must include an HQ; if a second HQ is desired it must be a part of the second player's army. Special Characters are allowed so long as their specific conditions are met. Each half of the team will function as a separate army for purposes of special rules (waaghing, morale tests, etc).

Teams will battle across three rounds to either come to the Blood Angels' aid--or to wreak vengeance and destruction upon them. Blood Angel Allies teams may be formed from any combination of armies created using codices Inquisition (Daemonhunters & Witch Hunters), Imperial Guard, Eldar, Tau and Space Marines (including Black Templars, Space Wolves, Dark Angels and Blood Angels); Blood Angel Adversaries teams may be formed from any combination of armies created using codices Inquisition (Daemonhunters and *especially* Witch Hunters), Imperial Guard, Dark Eldar, Necrons, Tyranids, Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Daemons and Space Marines (including Black Templars, Space Wolves and Dark Angels). Armies eligible to be *either* Allies or Adversaries will have to mirror their teammate army (an Adversary Imperial Guard army would become Traitor or Renegade Guard to team with Chaos, for example; an Inquisitorial host would be either Puritan or Radical depending on which side they took; and a Space Marine chapter's allegiance would depend on whether they view the Blood Angels as Loyalists who stood with the Emperor at the Heresy...or Cursed who failed him that day and are forever damned...).

And participants who come to play *using* the new Codex: Blood Angels will find particular challenges in the three specially-created rounds of missions...

40K Doubles Tourney Schedule:

Noon: Check-In
12:15-1:45: Round One
2-3:30: Round Two
3:45-5:30: Round Three
5:45: Prize Awards

Prizes will be awarded, fun will be had, and TGR may even integrate games from the day into their ongoing Escalation League, for those participating in both...and it is an excellent opportunity to experiment with and familiarize units players are considering including in their Astronomi-con Dallas armies in June!

Make your purchase and reserve your team's slot for The Gamers Realm's 40K Doubles Tourney 'Descent of Angels' Sunday, April 11, 2010!

Planetary Empires Map-based Campaign at XMax Games Dallas

The Xylone Maximus system has been shielded by a warp storm from the galaxy by a fierce warp storm. With the disruption caused by the Tyranid invasion on the nearby XM Moon the warp storm is dissipating and warlords from all over the sector are rushing to claim the bountiful world of Chrystone and its moon Chardone. Who will be the general which wrests control of this planet and conquers all foes.

The campaign will be a map based campaign taking place at XMAX Games. Rules and the map are available to view at XMAX Games and in the files section of Adeptus North Texas. The Campaign will start Saturday April 3rd at 1PM with players placing their starting Headquarters and turning in their first week's orders.

Each week players will fight across the map tiles expanding their own territory while doing battle with both the Planetary Defenders and other player factions. The winners will receive their names on a plaque hung at XMAX for all to see their mastery of sustained war.

If two people wish to play as a single faction they are able to. This unique campaign will provide weeks of battle opportunities with a detail running story line.

Full rules and other information is available in the files and discussion section of Adeptus North Texas. To participate up to two players may join together as a faction and take part in the war for Xylone Maximus. All that is needed to partake in the campaign is the purchase of any GW merchandise from Xmax games.

Who will be crowned the new master of Xylone Maximus?

New North Texas Blood Bowl League

If you are a fan of the Games Workshop 'Warhammer Fantasy meets the NFL' board game 'Blood Bowl,' you will be pleased to discover a new league for play in North Texas. Details are available at  and games will be played at GW Grapevine Mills and other retailers. And if you've not yet discovered the particular charm that is Blood Bowl, now is your chance...

Result: A Mighty Beast Modeling Contest at HTUD

Those of you following the progress of his entry on his Wraith Gate website will not be surprised to learn that the Overall Winner in HobbytownUSA Dallas' 'Mighty Beast' Modeling Contest was Michael Sanford, with his stunningly converted and painted Lord of Change! Representatives of HTUD will be contacting Michael directly to set up a special prize worthy of his effort; thanks to HTUD and Games Workshop for hosting and sponsoring another fun Citadel Miniatures event!

New Plastic Venerable Dreadnought

Next to the iconic space marine in power armour, perhaps the most recognizable, representatively '40K' image of the hobby is that of the dreadnought, the lumbering, towering, two-legged engine of mechanized, armoured fury that has been a constant in Imperial armies since the days of Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader V1. There have been good dreadnought kits (virtually all of the pewter versions of the present, familiar 'square sarcophagus' design, which pushed metal-model construction about as far as it could go), bad dreadnought kits (virtually all of the 'rounded' designs which preceded the above, and which looked clumsier and more primitive than ork versions of the same era) and ugly dreadnought kits (the inexplicably insectoid, four-armed 'Space Crusade' designs, though 'strange' is probably a fairer description than overtly ugly). As Citadel have increasingly converted to plastics, dreadnought kits have gone from strength to strength, from the standard multipart/multiarm dread to the 'Assault on Black Reach' snapfit dread to the awesome Ironclad dread.

But the brand-new, all-plastic Venerable Dreadnought kit represents a new standard, for this line of iconic models.

Molded in the familiar Citadel high-quality hard styrene, the new kit packs some 75 pieces onto the sprue, all of them rife with detail and cast virtually flash free. The details catch the eye initially--there are rivets, aquila, skulls, terminator- and battle-honours and scrollwork all over the parts--but what quickly becomes more impressive is the amount of customization sculptors Colin Grayson and Tom Walton have incorporated into their design: this Venerable Dreadnought has not only the expected multiple plastic weapon arms (including, for the first time, an all-plastic plasma cannon and an anthropomorphic power fist like those seen in 'Hours Heresy' artwork) and a wealth of accessory options--it has *seven* different sarcophagus shapes and four additional front armour plate designs.

The sarcophagus varieties particularly impressed me: the gothic breastplate/helmet/arch look familiar from various Forge World resin dreadnought options and the previous metal VenDread is there in two versions (and three helmets!), and these will no doubt prove popular design choices--but there are also two 'flat front' looks which echo the traditional dreadnought faces in more ornate style, both of which can be built with or without visors depending on whether the constructor wishes the entombed space marine to be visible...and the model can even be built *without* a front plate at all, with the dreadnought's operator exposed head-and-torso (an especially appealing option for those whose chapters dictate different colours for personal armour and vehicles, such as my Void Phantoms, though it has an undeniably disturbing, 'chaotic' look which will form the basis for many a Renegade conversion, I suspect).

The multiple weapon arms can be built modularly two ways: if a hobbyist finds one of the three shoulder guard designs especially preferable he can affix those permanently then 'slot in' the chosen gun from game-to-game, or if he wants certain arm accessories (ammo hopper, power pack, etc) to match the chosen gun arm, there are sufficient housings to allow whole arm switches on an as-needed basis.

And the Venerable Dreadnought kit is compatible with the other three current Citadel plastic dreadnoughts, for even more modularization.

Games Workshop has treated the 'dreadnought among dreadnoughts' with deserving respect through the release of this new plastic kit. Virtually every space marine commander, when going to war on the tabletop, takes a dreadnought along; now none of them need look quite the same.

'Mighty Beast' Modeling Contest at HobbytownUSA Dallas!

HobbytownUSA Dallas announces it's 'Mighty Beast' Modeling Contest! With the latest releases in their game systems all centering around the monsters of the Warhammer, 40K and Lord of the Rings universes--Tyranids, Beastmen, Fell Beasts, et al--Games Workshop has made it a great time to model the monstrous, and HTUD wants to see your best efforts!

Hobbyists may enter one 'beastly' model in each category (Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40K and Lord of the Rings). The model must be primarily a Citadel miniature (conversions are encouraged from that base), must be purchased from HTUD, and must be assembled/converted/painted by the submitting participant.

It is up to that hobbyist how they define a 'mighty beast:' while this certainly includes Monstrous Creatures, Dragons, Giants, Minotaurs, Ogres (and Rat-Ogres), Hydras, Trolls, Stegadons, etc, it could as easily be something Daemonic, or a less-enormous but equally 'beastly' character model, such as a bray-shaman, ethereal or saurus-lord; you choose to submit what you consider *your* mightiest beast!

Submissions may begin immediately and are welcome for display in the glass cabinet in the games section at the front of the store, but *must* be brought to HTUD by end-of-business Sunday, March 21, 2010, where they will be displayed until the end of the month. Prizes will be awarded for 'Mighty Beast' in each category noted, as well as a 'Youngbeast' and a Best Overall 'Mightiest Beast!'

The Hivemind calls; the Brayhorn sounds; the Witch King summons! The time of the Mighty Beasts is at hand--at HobbytownUSA Dallas!

XMax Games 40K Campaign: The Defense of Moon XM

Moon XM is a mysteriously important Imperial world, officially home to the Adeptus Mechanicus since Cog-sanctioned Explorators first discovered it (and christened it Moon XM or 'Moon 1010;' the Mechanicus simply refer to it--and their secluded stronghold thereon--as 'Binary'). Moon XM circles the gas giant Castus Inferior in a peculiar double-locked orbit, one side of the proto-star always facing its star Castus, the other always facing deep space, Binary likewise in perpetual lockstep with each. Life on the moon survives only in the eternal terminator zone, a thin band encircling its circumference neither impossibly hot--as the boiling sunward face ever is--nor eternally frigid as the spaceward side is. Moon XM is catalogued as a world rich in geological resources, particularly rare metals, and benefits from proximity to stable interstellar transit points; its peculiar astro-orbital state is, on the other hand, emphatically not stable, with howling wind-, ice- and sand-storms approaching any terminator-edge (and racing unpredictably across the moon with the slightest orientation shift by either sun or planet) and days-long eclipses when the other system planets--which are not orbitally locked--transit between planet and star; but so long as the precarious gravitic dance of Castus and it's lesser sibling holds, the Imperium has deemed something about Moon XM valuable enough to justify the risk.

Moon XM is also now an Imperial world under seige--as irresistible tendrils of the Tyranid Hive Fleets have reached out across the galaxy, to claim it.

It was not laid seige to unawares. As the first hints of peril approached, a respected xenobiologist named Shemrun Bushep working on Binary pieced together what was happening--and knowing the approaching Shadow in the Warp would smother any astropathically transmited pleas for help, launched his findings in an older Mechanicus technology, a warp-capable message drone. That drone fell from the Immaterium without reaching its destination--but its priceless contents were rescued from the clutches of the advancing Great Devourer by an Eldar Farseer, Kaze of the Aurora Craftworld, who sounded the clarion call of alarm to the Imperium.

Even now, in dramatic response, the masses of the Imperial Guard, the agents of the Inquisition and the strike forces of the Imperial Space Marines rally to join the Adeptus Mechanicus in defense of Moon XM. The Eldar have augured that defending the monkeigh world is in their ultimate interest and have joined, as well. The integrity of communication has not been secure, however--and in the defenders' wake, Chaos and Dark Eldar have come raiding, and Orks spoiling for the fight, while enigmatic Tau and malevolent Necron embassies have advanced upon Moon XM to observe from high anchor.

So have all the races of the forty-first millennium chosen to involve themselves in the throes of deadly battle, to determine whether Moon XM--and whatever priceless mysteries it may hide--will stand against the invasion...or be forever consumed by the Tyranid scourge!

XMax Games in Dallas invites all North Texas hobbyists to play games of Warhammer 40K in-store beginning February 2010 and count the results toward determining the fate of the Imperial Moon XM! A running tally of in-store games will reveal whether the world is weathering the invasion...or falling to the Hivemind. A Tyranid victory over •ANY• opponent swings the balance toward destruction, an Imperial victory against any opponent restores order (though at risk), and the results of battles involving other races affects the outcome as well, depending on who defeats who--as such carnage affects planetary Stability, regardless of combatants!

The outcome of the Defense of Moon XM campaign will be determined by Stability Points, awarded per game; Tyranids are trying to reach Destabilization of the world, the Imperium to achieve Stabilization. The bigger the battle, the greater the impact, as hobbyists will use dedicated special scenarios, under battlefield conditions unique to the Moon itself, all culminating in a Spring Break climax event in March 2010 that will seal the fate of XM--and perhaps reveal it's hidden secrets, as well!

Defense of Moon XM Campaign Scoring

  • A TYRANID army vs ANY IMPERIAL army: 3 SPs ('Stability Points') toward Stabilization or Destabilization for the winner
  • A TYRANID army vs an ELDAR or TAU army: 2 SPs toward Stabilization or Destabilization for the winner
  • A TYRANID army vs ANY OTHER army: 2 SPs toward Destabilization if Tyranids the winner, 1 SP for Stabilization if Other the winner (simply for killing bugs and diminishing their resources)
  • ANY IMPERIAL army vs ANY OTHER army: 1 SP toward Stabilization if Imperial the winner, 1 SP for Destabilization if OTHER the winner (even Eldar, to represent the cost in resources for allies fighting when a larger threat looms)
  • An ELDAR army vs ANY OTHER army: 1 SP toward Stabilization if Eldar the winner, 1 SP for Destabilization if Other the winner (unless Imperial, then see above)
  • ANY OTHER army vs ANY OTHER army: 1 SP for the winner to assign to Stabilization or Destabilization as winner elects (this allows Tyranid vs Tyranid, Imperium vs Imperium, etc, battles to still have some campaign impact, as the planet is marginally Destabilized by the bug-on-bug carnage, or slightly retrenched by an Imperial force achieving a high ground, even at the cost of other Imperial blood, etc, and allows armies of any other sort to engage each other and direct the result as the scenario indicates, or as they choose)
  • Battles fought at 1500 points or greater: 1 Bonus SP for winning army to assign as they elect
  • Apocalypse battles (minimum 3000 points a side): 1 Bonus SP for winning side to assign as they elect
  • Special Moon XM Campaign Scenario played: 1 Bonus SP for winning army to assign as they elect

All scores are cumulative (for example, if a Tyranid army of 3000 points playing a special Moon XM Campaign Scenario posted at Adeptus North Texas in an Apocalypse game defeats an Imperial opponent, they would earn *6* Stability Points toward Destabilizing the Moon=3 SPs for the victory over a direct defender, one more bonus for playing at 1500 points, one more bonus for playing at the Apocalypse level, and one more bonus for the scenario).

The Great Devourer has stormed the 41st millennium with renewed vigour in 2010--and now, it has come at last to Moon XM. There has never been a better time to begin a new Tyranid army, or reconfigure an existing one. And while the stakes for Imperial armies are obvious, every race in Warhammer 40,000 has something to gain--or lose--across the astrally divided face of the Mechanicus moon. Perhaps the locked orbits of Binary and it's world--a seeming odds-defying galactic coincidence--are not the accident of astrophysical circumstance they seem...and the moon's secret, something yet a third race willing to fight to keep hidden...

Will your army rally to the conflict? And will you save the world--or destroy it? The answer will be found on the eight new game tables available for play any time from Noon till Midnight (and 2pm till 10pm Sundays) at XMax Games' spectacular new 40K campaign, beginning in February.

The Defense of Moon XM has begun!

Thursday Night 'Ring' at GW Grapevine Mills

Lord of the Rings Strategy Battles and it's larger-scale supplement, War of the Ring, will take center stage at Games Workshop Grapevine Mills Thursday evenings this spring, as Chris, Adam, Erik, Mason and the staff invite hobbyists interested in learning these games and veteran generals of Middle Earth alike to come war for control of the 'one Ring to rule them all!'

Initial games will be smaller in scope, to help players build the army of their choice and master the game's dynamics; subsequent Thursdays may see special events such as tourneys and megabattles if interest proves sufficient.

If you are a fan of Tolkein's prose, Jackson's films, GW's excellent, character-driven rules and/or the stunning line of dedicated Citadel miniatures, Thursday evenings at GW Grapevine Mills will be the place to immerse yourself in tabletop wargaming across the face of Middle Earth! Contact anyone at the store for further details about Thursday Night Rings!