Results: Hobby Weekend 8 Games Workshop Grapevine Mills

Thanks to Games Workshop Grapevine Mills for hosting the climactic Combat Patrol Tournament of the eighth North Texas Games Workshop Hobby Weekend! It is always good be out at the North Texas GW store: for hobby expertise--and sheer number of scheduled events--it is in many ways the center of the local miniatures gaming universe! Check for full Tournament Rules if you wish to participate in the ninth and final Hobby Weekend of the spring, May 3 at Comic Asylum Garland--and congratulations to Overall Champion Eric Smelley, commanding Dark Eldar, the eighth qualifier to claim control of a planet in the Nor'tex Nebula and pass through the warp gate to reach the 1500 Point Tournament of Champions June 13th, representing Games Workshop Grapevine Mills!

  • OVERALL CHAMPION: Eric Smelley/Dark Eldar
  • BEST PAINTED: Helio Rosenthal/Ultramarines Space Marines
  • BEST ARMY (and tied for runner-up): Chad Jones/Eldar
  • BEST GENERAL (and tied for runner-up): Philip Beightol/Space Marines
  • MURPHY'S LUCK AWARD: Jason Reynolds/Space Marines