Send In The Superheavies!

To celebrate the new Apocalypse Ork Stompa and Imperial Shadowsword/Stormlord kits hitting store shelves March 7, HobbytownUSA Dallas will have an Apocalypse multiplayer mega-battle to which buyers of one of the new kits, or the existing Baneblade Superheavy tank, will get first access!

Aquiline XII is an extreme-light-gravity world, with an unstable planetary rotation; in combination these tend to cause all but the heaviest objects on its surface to be unpredictably cast up into its atmosphere. When a mysterious object is detected defying this planetary effect, and radiating an unclassifiable energy signature, however, the race amongst the nearest forces to reach, identify and claim the object on Aquiline's treacherous surface is on. Regular infantry, even normal vehicles, lack sufficient mass to operate on the world's surface; the only option: send in the Superheavies!

Players simply pre-order their Superheavy of choice, or purchase one from store stock once they are released, and following their purchase, sign up to participate with that tank via the instore Sign-Up sheet provided and have a store employee initial alongside. Slots are limited, making the pre-order option doubly appealing!

Send In The Superheavies! takes place Sunday, April 12, 2009 from 1pm till 5pm at the HobbytownUSA Dallas Game Hall. Attacking Players may sign up to participate with an Ork Stompa or a Traitor version of either a Baneblade-variant or one of the variants from the new Shadowsword/Stormlord kit; Defending Players may participate with one of the Loyalist Superheavy tank variants.

If a Sign-Up slot has multiple options, please WRITE IN the Superheavy you are bringing to play (ie, Slot 1 for each faction can only be an Ork Stompa or an Imperial Baneblade so no such notice is required, but Slot 5 must indicate what type vehicle the player Signing-Up intends to bring). Slots 1-4 for each faction may only be Signed-Up for following a purchase of a new Ork Stompa or Baneblade/Shadowsword/Variant kit from HTUD; players possessing Baneblades or Forgeworld Superheavies, or who purchase a kit from another stockist, may sign up for Slots 5-6 and Alternates (as may purchases of Stompas or Superheavy tanks from HTUD as well). Signing-Up is a promise to complete the indicated vehicle kit in time for the event. Sign-Up for a given slot is only valid if the player signing up has a HTUD employee initial at the end of that line. There will be NO 'scratching out' or 'whiting out' of names, once Signed-Up; if another commitment prevents a Signed-Up player from participating, that player MUST notify the event moderator, Outrider Chris, via either the HTUD Game Club mailing list, the Adeptus North Texas mailing list, or directly by email, who will make any correction to the Sign-Up sheet. Failure to follow Sign-Up instructions--or to be present on the day--could result in action up to and including the violating player being prevented from participation in future events. Gargantuan Creatures (such as Ork Squiggoths or Tyranid Xenos) may replace Superheavies for the Attacking Slots 5-6 and Alternates. Superheavies which have a 'Transport' capacity will be allowed to bring up to one (1) unit of the appropriate type from the relevant Codex and up to one (1) attached Character (no more, even if the Transport capacity is greater); these MUST be completely painted, based, sealed and otherwise finished (and remember the conditions on Aquiline XII noted above!). The Superheavies themselves must be fully assembled, WYSIWYG and at least primed; painted is preferred, and there will be an in-game bonus for participating models which are fully painted. For questions and further information: or