Results: Hobby Weekend 4 Area 51 Grapevine

Thanks to host Area 51, sixteen hobbyists met in the climactic Combat Patrol Tournament of the fourth North Texas Games Workshop Hobby Weekend (and we could easily have exceeded that if we'd had the tables)! Check for full Tournament Rules, and the locations of future Hobby Weekends in the series, continuing throughout the spring—and congratulations to Overall Champion Walter Vaughn, commanding the Inquisition, the fourth qualifier to claim control of a planet in the Nor'tex Nebula and pass through the warp gate to reach the 1500 Point Tournament of Champions, to come this summer, representing Area 51!

  • OVERALL CHAMPION: Walter Vaughn/Inquisition
  • BEST SPORTSMAN: Matt Mayer/Dark Angels Space Marines
  • BEST PAINTED: Spencer Scoggin/Eldar
  • BEST GENERAL (and runner-up): Brian Busey/Space Marines
  • BEST ARMY: Adam Gipson/Chaos Daemons
  • MURPHY'S LUCK AWARD (and runner-up): Sid/Tyranids