New GW Stockist—with Saturday Evening Hours!

Comic Book Craze, located in Garland at 1451 E Beltline (in the southwest corner of Beltline and Garland Rd), has added the Games Workshop line of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warhammer 40,000 and Lord of the Rings products. In addition to their already-convenient hours, the staff now also wishes to announce beginning January 31st they will be open until Midnight every Saturday for GW gaming!

The Metroplex has seen a number of stockists make fits-and-starts toward offering late Saturday night gaming hours on a regular basis over the years; the staff at Comic Book Craze are committed to seeing their store give the local hobby community this long-sought-after service!

At this moment, Matt at Comic Book Craze has added two of the brand new Realm of Battle Game boards to his store, and is busily prepping and painting them—and matching terrain!—for use by North Texas hobbyists. He intends to have them ready by January 31st...and intends CBC to be *the* destination for late Saturday play in the area!

The store will have a dedicated miniatures gaming area with at least one of the tables available for play anytime during store hours, and plenty of space to 'break out' for larger events. CBC has joined the North Texas Games Workshop Hobby Weekend with an event in April, and will be announcing an Apocalypse mega-battle multiplayer event in the near future—all using the gorgeous new GW Game Boards!

CBC will also be announcing a terrain-related event/contest soon; in the meantime, those of you with terrain-building interest and experience bring some in to supplement Matt's initial efforts!

Directions (including both Mapquest and Google maps) and contact information for Comic Book Craze can be reached by clicking the store's name on the left hand column of the front page of—and watch the same site for announcements of dates and times for future Comic Book Craze GW events!