Rolling Thunder Vehicle Painting/Converting Contest

HobbytownUSA Dallas has begun a new contest designed to encourage modelers to stretch their vehicle model building, painting and especially converting skills: Rolling Thunder. Running now through December 20, 2008, new gaming specialist Jason will assist hobbyists with reaching a new level of modeling accomplishment in the Warhammer 40K tank of their choice. Jason says vehicle conversions are his favorite part of the hobby, and he looks forward to showing modelers how to use assets a full-line hobby shop like HobbytownUSA Dallas provides&mash;things like plasticard, detail parts, regular scale kits for bashing, etc—to turn their Games Workshop vehicle into something special. He also says thinking outside the box is encouraged for the Rolling Thunder event (up to and including interesting diorama bases)—so long as the result remains credibly a part of the 41st Millennium background of the hobby!

Models much be turned in by Thursday, December 18, 2008, where they will be formally judged—but will remain on display at HTUD through Saturday, December 20, 2008, so that every participant in the Rolling Thunder event can vote, as well! Prizes of Games Workshop product will be awarded, and participants of course get to keep their models for use in future 40K and Apocalypse events (so superheavies ARE legal!).

See Jason at HTUD for details!