Rolling Thunder Vehicle Painting/Converting Contest

HobbytownUSA Dallas has begun a new contest designed to encourage modelers to stretch their vehicle model building, painting and especially converting skills: Rolling Thunder. Running now through December 20, 2008, new gaming specialist Jason will assist hobbyists with reaching a new level of modeling accomplishment in the Warhammer 40K tank of their choice. Jason says vehicle conversions are his favorite part of the hobby, and he looks forward to showing modelers how to use assets a full-line hobby shop like HobbytownUSA Dallas provides&mash;things like plasticard, detail parts, regular scale kits for bashing, etc—to turn their Games Workshop vehicle into something special. He also says thinking outside the box is encouraged for the Rolling Thunder event (up to and including interesting diorama bases)—so long as the result remains credibly a part of the 41st Millennium background of the hobby!

Models much be turned in by Thursday, December 18, 2008, where they will be formally judged—but will remain on display at HTUD through Saturday, December 20, 2008, so that every participant in the Rolling Thunder event can vote, as well! Prizes of Games Workshop product will be awarded, and participants of course get to keep their models for use in future 40K and Apocalypse events (so superheavies ARE legal!).

See Jason at HTUD for details!

Results: 40K Rogue Trader Tournament Sat, Nov 15

  • Overall Champion: Bob Westbrook, Tau
  • Best Sportsman: Adam Gipson, Daemons
  • Best Army: Gerald MacNamara, Imperial Guard
  • Best General: David Caldwell, Daemonhunters
  • Murphy's Luck: Ray Mullins, Imperial Guard

Congratulations to the winners and thank you for your participation and support.

40K Rogue Trader Tournament Sat, Nov 15

Planet Hobbies Dallas (map), will celebrate their opening with a three-round, 1500-point Rogue Trader Tournament for Warhammer 40,000 on Saturday, November 15, 2008!

The Tournament begins at 10am for army list submission, table and opponent assignments; Round One will be 10:30am - 12:30pm, Lunch 12:30pm- 1:15pm, Round Two 1:15pm - 3:15pm, Break 3:15pm - 3:30pm and Round Three 3:30pm - 5:30pm, with the Award Ceremony following final score tabulation at around 6pm.

RTTs are official Games Workshop events, with scoring for -- and trophies and prizes for -- all aspects of the Hobby: generalship, sportsmanship, painting and appearance, and the best overall combination of excellence in them all.

The RTT at Planet Hobbies Dallas (map) is limited to 16 participants; tickets are on sale at Planet Hobbies with a discount for game club members, or at the door on Saturday if any slots remain. All participants *MUST* have a printed, legible and accurate Army List for the Judges; additional lists for the participant's use and for each of three opponents are recommended.

North Texas hobbyists have asked for an official GW RTT for years; Planet Hobbies new facility finally allows for one. Hobbyists have hoped for the return of an official GW GT to Dallas, as well; the first step is proving the region can support RTTs. Call PH at (972) 380-8900 for details or see the event listing in White Dwarf!

Results: Lucky 13's Megabattle 6: Day Two!

The battle for the chaos arcano-engine erupting through the surface of Bonner's Reach continued all across the planet--including downstream from the epic struggle won previously by the Mordant 13th Imperial Guard and their allies. This final struggle was smaller in scope, but no less critical--and so was left to the Space Marines, Imperial masters of the fast surgical strike, to seize: a potent alliance of Space Wolves, Jade Legion, Void Phantoms and Grey Knights!

The opposition mustered against them the full force of greenskin infantry--Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thrakka, Warboss Big Killy, Mad Doc Grotsnik, a Green Tide of over 120 Nobs and Boyz and a Stompa-led Dread Mob, Gilyazza's Goregashas, along with Khornate Daemons and Traitor Space Marines and several waves of Genestealers. Disorder also brought a Traitor Baneblade and an Ork Skullhamma to this final conflict--giving them the edge in both numbers and superheavies!

Momentum in this second battle shifted back and forth: the Allies took four of the five objectives early, by the end of Turn One...but Disorder threw them off the two on the furthest flanks by the end of Turn Two, and the Chaos Vindicator Linebreaker Squadron obliterated the central objective, as well, to draw things even again. The third Turn proved decisive: Space Wolf Scouts destroyed first the Baneblade then the Skullhamma with meltabomb attacks, allowing a Grey Knight Brother Captain and his bodyguard of terminators to seize the objective the superheavies had been protecting in Disorder's own zone, and veteran Grey Hunters worked their way amongst the Chaos elements on the left flank--a Soulgrinder, a sorceror and terminator warband, obliterators and a Defiler--to retake that objective and hunker down, never again to be shaken off it. The Stompa ran wild down the opposite flank, but its mightiest efforts to either destroy the objective in the Allied home zone, or failing that to blow the claiming Eldar allies and Jade Legion Scouts off of it, came up short.

In the end, though the Green Tide--which waaaghed the length of the battlefield, despite the most heroic efforts of various Imperial heroes to hold them up in combat--managed to claim that flank objective for Disorder, the others were retained by Allied control (including their home zone objective, which they had used a Strategic Asset to declare Vital, and thus worth two objective points), for a 4 objective to 1 Imperial and Eldar victory! Following up on the great Allied win further upstream previously, the climactic weekend of the Lucky 13s campaign went decisively for the Imperium!

Kudos to Disorder players Mason, Alex, Blake, David and Warboss Avery, and congratulations to Order players Josh, Paul, Kyle and Great Wolf Eric for a memorable grand finale to the year-long campaign. Award of merit for outstanding units was clear on both sides, and fittingly they were controlled by each side's force commander: nothing could stop the rampage of Avery's Stompa except time, and Eric's Wolf Scouts accounted for over 20% of the opposing points' worth of models by themselves (though Alex's genestealers eventually avenged themselves upon them). Mason's Ork characters also acquitted themselves well, accounting for overall Allied Commander Wolf Lord Emryk, Void Phantoms Chief Librarian Lord Liche and several Rune Priests...then had their rampage halted in hand-to-hand combat by radical Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Rhadamanthus Goh, no less, in the final turn. Fittingly, it was an final Apocalypse battle dominated not by spectacular formations and towering superheavies, as wonderful as those are...but rather was decided by the deeds of rank-and-file troopers, and the courage of individual heroes taking a stand.

And with the Space Marine strike force decisively securing this final battlehead, to protect the flank of the Mordant 13th and the main Allied army further upstream, the Imperium--in this sector of Bonner's Reach, at least--has definitively denied to the archenemy access and control of the subsurface chaos arcano-engine. The yearlong struggle of the Lucky 13s, which has spanned much of known space and flung them against every enemy known to Man, has come to an end...with the Mordant 13th Imperial Guard still victorious...still standing fast.

Results: Lucky 13's Megabattle 6: Day One!

The chaos arcano-engine buried for millennia beneath the surface of Bonner's Reach has erupted, felling mountains and diverting rivers...and armies now meet in final apocalyptic battle to attempt to control it.

On the first front, a plaguelord of Nurgle called upon representatives of Khorne, Slaanesh and Tzeentch and a great Waagh of Orks to take the field against a united Imperium and Eldar allegiance. A Plague Tower of Nurgle, a Tzeentch-Baneblade Tank of Change, a Tzeentch Traitor Warhound Titan, the Avatar of Khorne and an Ork Mekboy Stompa Titan clashed with three Eldar Revenant Titans, three Baneblades, an Eldar superheavy Tempest, an Imperial Warhound Titan and an Imperial Reaver Titan over five key objectives--two pieces of arcano-engine machinery which regenerated damaged war engines nearby, two chaos reactors which intensified and channelled the ambient psychic energy, and an Imperial shrine imbued with supernatural power as it resisted the Chaos takeover.

Led by Apocalypse formations such as the Host of the Daemon Forge and the Dethkopta Choppa Squadron, Chaos attacked aggressively, seizing four of the five objectives in their first turn. The Imperium rallied by doing what they do best--shooting one of them (the shrine, which became defiled by the daemonic presences occupying it) into oblivion. Imperial Space Marines led by the appearance of a mysterious librarian swept the Thousand Sons from one of the reactors in Turn Two, to draw the claimed objectives even, and in the final turn Eldar psykers skimmed in to claim the other, then a Revenant blasted the first from existence when terminators of Tzeentch tried to reclaim it. Despite both sides' spectacular final attempts to wrest each remaining objective in the opposing deployment zone from their enemy, the defending Stompa on one side and the Reaver on the other proved proof against any shot or assault they could muster...and the first day ended an Imperial victory by the slimmest of margins, 2-1.

There were magnificent moments on both sides: the back-and-forth over one objective between Thousand Sons, Chaos Terminators, plague marines and a Keeper of Secrets and first the Eldar court of the young king and then the space marines kept the final result in doubt until the Revenant took action and obliterated the objective itself--and them all--entirely; the Plague Tower in the center of the Disorder line taking round-after-round, seemingly interminably--then blowing the whole center of the table clear when at last it went down; the Avatar of Khorne surviving everything the Imperium and Eldar could throw at it through an entire turn of shooting on its final wound, then trading blows with the Reaver--only to fall to Mordant 13th Colonel Jago Kallowen and the High Command itself, charging to the great Titan's rescue; the Reaver 'cleansing' the corrupted Imperial shrine--and the daemons upon it--with six consecutive ordnance barrages; and the heroic performance of the 'bullet sponges,' the rank-and-file lowly Imperial Guardsmen, whose aim was pretty horrifically bad throughout the entire battle, but whose heroism, in never faltering as Chaos/Orks came on, holding up first dethkoptas, then Soulgrinders, then bloodletters, then juggernauts, then spawn in close combat, sufficiently slowed the initial Disorder advance to allow the Allies their last-round recovery. Kudos to them--especially Lt 'Baldy,' who grew so frustrated with their outrageously incompetent shooting that he charged a sixteen-strong unit of bloodletters with herald singlehandedly, in his towering rage: his death spurred (or perhaps shamed) the survivors to a heroism which insured their victory...

Thanks go out to Disorder players Aaron, Ashley, Chris and Gama, and Order players Matt, Jack, Paul and especially Ray, the Guardsman, who stepped in when the final scheduled Allied player failed to show, or call, or anything else; all were models of sporting attitude and exemplars of the Apocalypse maximum of having a good time and telling a good story first, and we couldn't have gotten through three turns with well over 30,000 points on the table in under eight hours without them.'s event is what Apocalypse is supposed to be about.

And with the Mordant 13th securing this crucial battlehead for the Imperium, the yearlong struggle for Bonner's Reach, the chaos arcano-engine beneath it, and the Fate of the Lucky 13s enters its final stage tomorrow, with a decided advantage for the Allies.

Stand Fast, Lucky 13s!