Stand Fast Lucky 13s! Apocalypse Campaign Megabattle 6 (Nov 7 & 8)

The Mordant 13th and their Imperial Guard, Inquisition and Space Marine allies have campaigned across the galaxy, for an entire year: now, it all climaxes with the final Apocalypse Megabattle--occupying two full days in North Texas, at HobbytownUSA Dallas!

On Friday, November 7th, 2008, seven players mustering over 30,000 combined points worth of Imperium and Eldar versus Chaos and Orks will clash, from Noon to 8pm; on Saturday, November 8th, 2008, thirteen players, pitting Order against Disorder, will take the field from 10am until close, their objectives influenced by the battle the day before, to decide final control over the mystery for which they have all struggled--a massive, ancient Chaos engine, buried beneath the mantle of the world, which has begun erupting to the surface as a result of the campaign!

The following are North Texas-campaign specific alterations to the general Megabattle Scenario 6: Stand Fast!

  • BATTLE MAP: The lengthwise layout illustrated on the GW scenario map has not proven ideal to the logistical environment at the HTUD Game Hall, and will likely be altered, but the general disposition--of two triangular deployments separated by an angled, corner-to-corner No Mans Land--will hold.
  • MUSTERING FORCES: Players may sign up for any available slot in person at HobbytownUSA Dallas. The slots will indicate the force type and points to be fielded. All participants are *required* to provide a complete, legible and accurate army list of their force on the day of the game--which means, write it up beforehand, don't try to scribble it out as you play. Superheavies, Datasheet formations and anything else especially Apocalyptic are encouraged; painted models should be given preference. You may include units detailed in any Codex, Approved White Dwarf Article, Imperial Armor Book or Datasheet, but must have a copy of the rules for each unit you intend to field. Each player may choose one Strategic Asset, at no additional points cost.
  • SCENARIO RULES: This Scenario follows all of the rules detailed on page 17 of the Apocalypse book with the following additions and amendments. Note that this scenario is written with the 5th edition Warhammer 40,000 in mind.
  • SETUP: Both sides will elect a Force Commander, who will roll a D6. The side which rolls highest may choose which side they will deploy in. There will be clearly indicated Objectives, potentially in both Deployment zones and certainly in No Mans Land. These will represent manifestations on the surface of the Chaos arcano-engine buried beneath, or corruptions of vulnerable surface sites responding thereto. The side which controls the most such Objectives at the end of each game is declared the megabattle winner.
  • FIRST TURN: Sides will bid for First Turn as per normal Apocalypse rules in the Friday game. First turn for Saturday's game may be influenced or even determined by the result of Friday's action.
  • EXPOSED ARCANE RUINS: The Chaos arcano-engine under the ground acts as a bridge to the raw power of the Warp and amplifies the power of psychic abilities--at times to an uncontrollable degree. Models denoted as Psykers *who are in physical contact with* any of these designated Objectives may cast an additional psychic power each turn, which may be one cast previously. However, powers used above and beyond the model's norm *will provoke a Perils of The Warp test on the roll of any double.* Daemonic units entering play from reserves or arriving via Deep Strike will not scatter if brought into play within 6” of an Objective. Objectives count as Chaos Icons for the purposes of summoning daemons.
  • A BATTLE OF THE MIND: This battle is fought with more than courage and weaponry. The psychic binding of the stone and mental control of the ruins’ link to the unparalleled power of the Warp is of paramount importance in this battle. To reflect this, *any model with the Psyker special rule counts as a scoring unit in this scenario,* even if they are an Independent Character. Units of Psykers (i.e. Seer Councils, etc.) count collectively as a single scoring unit unless they can legally be broken out of the unit (i.e. Warlocks joining Guardian squads). Troops units *still* count as scoring units, and any other unit type can still contest an Objective held by Troops units--but *only Psyker units can contest objectives held by other Psykers.* Compile your army lists accordingly.

The Friday game will begin at Noon, so players are encouraged to eat a healthy lunch beforehand; no formal break will occur until action is completed. The Saturday game will begin at 10am, so players are encouraged to bring their lunch, or participate in a mass order for take-out pizza, as has been done in past megabattles.

2008 has seen nearly two-dozen Apocalypse Lucky 13s events held at HTUD in celebration of the galaxy-spanning campaign. Great heroes--and villains (and a character or two who is considered either, depending upon whom you talk to!)--have risen to the fore; momentous combats have been launched, and many great moments of memory preserved for the telling of future tales. It will all resolve the weekend of Nov 7th and 8th, when over a score of participants and in excess of 50,000 total points clash for battlefield supremacy. Be a part of the grand finale of the Lucky 13s!