Lucky 13's Legendary Formation Creation Event

As Games Workshop's Apocalypse Lucky 13s Campaign hurtles toward it's conclusion in November, it leaves as an intentional legacy a familiarity with the epic scale and storytelling flexibility of the Apocalypse playing system which will carry forward into numerous future events; now, another L13s stamp-earning participation event will attempt to create a physical legacy which will see use on the tabletop into the future, as well...the Legendary Formation Creation Event!

Through the fall, hobbyists will choose a Datasheet from the Apocalypse Rulebook, Forge World Imperial Armour Apocalypse or the Apocalypse Reloaded supplement and work toward assembling and painting the relevant models to complete the Datasheet by Saturday, November 8th (the date of the final Lucky 13s Mega-Battle); more than that, however, participants will be able to name their Datasheet, give it a true history and background and identity--turning it into something more than simply a collection of models, but rather a 'character' of sorts, a true 'Legendary Formation!'

The ultimate goal of this event is to have recognizable Apocalypse Datasheets which players can use and re-use in future Apocalypse events, until local hobbyists come to know and rely upon those 'Legendary Formations' by name, and look to include regularly as part of their side's roster: at future Apocalypse Mega-Battles, it won't just be Jack's Eldar Revenant Titan, for example--we will learn its name, its story, and look all the more forward to seeing that history added to when it reappears on an Apocalypse battlefield! When the Mordant 13th have to take to the field next time and need artillery support, they won't just ask Chris and Brady to show up with their Basilisks--they will recruit 'Colonel Mendikoff's 264th Motorized Rifles--the Iron Guns!' And so on...

Any Datasheet from the listed sources is eligible for this event with ONE caveat: 'character-based' Datasheets, such as the multiple-space-marine-captains formation, do not really fit in with the long-term goal of creating 'Legendary Formations' which can be called upon to join future mega-battles by name; they are still eligible for the event, but are not recommended for that reason. Tank, skimmer or other such formations, Superheavy vehicles, Gargantuan creatures--all of these are the sorts of things a hobbyist could create a unit identity around, and thus easily become a 'Legendary Formation.' And as Games Workshop has conveniently made many of the original Apocalypse Datasheet boxed sets available for purchase again, and added some new ones besides, HobbytownUSA Dallas will easily be able to acquire the raw material for your Legendary Formation for you (if they don't have it on the shelf already!), and at the more economical price these Datasheet boxes offer.

Datasheets from GW's website or from White Dwarf are eligible as well, but require advance approval.

In many ways, this is the *ultimate* Apocalypse Lucky 13s event: Datasheets are the heart-and-soul of what makes the Apocalypse supplement unique, and this event--combining as it does all aspects of modeling plus the creation of a background identity and story for those models, culminating in their tabletop play--highlights all of the hobby aspects Apocalypse does best. It is my hope that the Tank Companies, Wind Rider Hosts, Tau Cadres, Tyranid Monsters and Superheavy Baneblades/Shadowswords/Titans which are created for this event will become fixtures of local Apocalypse gaming for years to come, a lasting legacy of the yearlong Lucky 13s Campaign in North Texas.

It is a not-inconsiderable task--which is why interested participants have until early November to complete it. And it is not incompatible with the other 40K activities upcoming, either--models intended to become part of a 'Legendary Formation' can be built and used for the Ard Boyz tournaments, which do not require painting, as well as intervening Apocalypse activities (including Mega-Battle 5, on October 4th) as they and their background stories are still 'works in progress.' November 8th is the goal, however: hopefully many of these formations will actually be participants in that final, Apocalyptic Mega-Battle which will climax the year-long Lucky 13s Campaign--and those which are not integrally involved will be set up for display in the Game Hall as well.

There will be a very special, Apocalypse-related prize for the winning Legendary Formation; and of course all participants will gain another stamp to fill their enrollment cards and join the hallowed ranks of the Imperial Guard Mordant 13th!

As always, the North Texas hobby mailing lists are fertile places to discuss ideas and glean inspiration for projects like this...perhaps hobbyists could join forces if they have similar ideas--creating an entire Tank Company between them, rather than two Tank Squadrons, or opting to base their two different formations around a common paint scheme, or relating the background of their creations somehow...either as allies, or ancient and implacable foes. Send an email to to join the HobbytownUSA Dallas mailing list, or join the North Texas-wide mailing list from the website at and begin throwing out your ideas.

Of all the events which North Texas hobbyists have been able to earn a stamp towards their Mordant 13th enlistment in the Lucky 13s Campaign, this has the potential to be the greatest. Your 'Legendary Formations' and the modeling, converting, painting and creative talent you choose to put behind them will make it so!