Results: Datasheet Creation Competition!

Thank you to all the hobbyists who submitted Datasheets for the Apocalypse Lucky 13s Campaign Datasheet Creation Competition. Remember that participation earns you your Campaign stamp, not outcome. And thank you for your patience while awaiting a resolution--I ultimately received 18 entries, over a dozen of which were eligible for the physical prizes, and all of which had so much promise that I sent them to a number of sources who very generously took their time to review and comment on them. This led to a second (and in some cases third and fourth and...!) round of revisions, during which all of the participants showed great willingness to redraft their creations, in effort to get them to their highest level of playability. As result, a(n altogether appropriate) total of *13* submissions have won the 'prize' of being approved for use in an upcoming local Apocalypse game, and several are so good they will likely become local Apocalypse staples! All of them are being prepared for presentation to GW as a package, as well, for their consideration. Had participants not been willing to rework and redo their creations, probably fewer than half that number would have passed muster (in fact, only *one* submission passed through all reviewers and commenters unchanged at all!); kudos to the broad spirit of cooperation (admittedly toward a worthwhile goal!) in evidence...and though I cannot name them, thank you *very much* to those sources who took their own time to review and comment upon the submissions, the suggested revisions making them all much more playable and Apocalyptic! Time and circumstance prevented a number of hobbyists from being able to get their ideas down on paper...unfortunate, since several of those ideas were among the ones I was most looking forward to seeing; perhaps we can revisit this idea again soon (though, given the amount of work it wound up involving to do right, not *very* soon :); I was really looking forward to seeing that tainted Eldar Revenant and Loyalist Terminator formations I heard discussed! Meantime, the Datasheet Creation Competition prize winners are:

  • GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Forrest Buchly, Inquisition High Decree Puritas Formation
  • HobbyAnnex Special Participation Prize: Gamaliel Martinez, Chaos Daemon Avatar of Khorne Gargantuan Creature

Forrest will receive a limited edition Games Workshop 25th Anniversary figure case from HobbytownUSA (ideally, to store his created Formation in); Gama will receive a brand new Games Workshop publication from my personal collection (novel or background book, depending on what he does not have).

Also approved for use in future Apocalypse games*:

  • Jack Salva, Necron Tomb World Guardians Formation
  • Eric Smelley, Dark Eldar Soul Reaper Cannon Superheavy Vehicle
  • Eric Smelley, Space Wolves Russ's Spear Formation
  • Chad Jones, Eldar Harlequin's Specter Titan Superheavy Vehicle
  • Chad Jones, Eldar Knight Titan Superheavy Vehicle
  • Blake Weinstein, Chaos Space Marines MAC Rifle Team Formation
  • Brady Allen, Tyranid Lictor Ambush Brood Formation
  • Christopher Allen, Space Marine Razorback Flying Column Formation
  • Josh Sherman, Space Marine Whirlwind Cyclone Force Formation
  • Juan Diaz, Tau Gue'vesa Disruption Force Formation
  • Keith McCallig, Chaos Daemons Plague Carnival Formation

*--for fairness, at an event I moderate.