HobbytownUSA Dallas 40K V5 Academy (July 17-19)

HobbytownUSA Dallas is offering a bonus for any hobbyist who purchases a copy of the upcoming Warhammer 40,000 Fifth Edition rulebook from them: a three session '40K V5 Academy,' to put the differences in the new systems into practical action, and make the transition as smooth and intuitive as possible!

HTUD already has sign up sheets available for the Fifth Edition hardcover rulebook; to insure you receive your copy on July 12, 2008, the announced release date, simply sign up in the gaming area of the store. Collector's Editions and Gamer's Editions are going to be extremely difficult to come by, but the standard hardcover rulebooks should be plentiful, and the purchase of *any* variant entitles you to participate in one or all three of the V5 Academy sessions, scheduled for the following week. The schedule is as follows:

+++HTUD 40K V5 Academy+++

  • Thursday, July 17 -- 5pm to 8pm: Introduction and Q&A/FAQ about the new edition. Bring your army to do hands-on examples of the new Assault rules, Vehicle rules, etc.
  • Friday, July 18 -- 5pm to 8pm: Skirmish with new edition. Put the small scale maneuvers learned yesterday into context with new Objective rules, Scoring rules, etc.
  • Saturday, July 19 -- Noon to 5pm: V5 Combat Patrol Tournament! Three rounds of tournament action under the new rules, with full prize support!

This Academy--complete with tournament!--is designed to ease the transition into the mechanics of a new edition as smoothly as possible...as well as be a lot of fun...and the only cost of participation is purchase of the new 40K Fifth Edition rulebook from the sponsoring retailer, HobbytownUSA Dallas. Sign up to reserve your copy now, and prepare for the forty-first millennium, edition five, in the Game Hall of HobbytownUSA Dallas!