Results: Lucky 13's Character Story-writing Event!

The fiction submitted as part of April's Lucky 13s Apocalypse Campaign Character Story-writing Event was uniformly good: existing heroes were amplified upon, new villains burst onto the scene, internecine rivalries gained friction...and the tabletop experience in future battles should significantly increase in mood, atmosphere and enjoyment, as result!

All eleven participants earned Lucky 13s Event Stamps for their entries; in addition, three prizes were awarded by HobbytownUSA Dallas and Games Workshop. The winner of Best Story will receive the in-stock codex or army book of their choice (including the new Daemons books!); a special Youngbloods Prize for Excellence by a younger hobbyist was also awarded, and that winner will receive a copy of the new White Dwarf (featuring local event coverage!). Finally, a Door Prize random draw from among all remaining participants was conducted, to reward--and encourage future--participation, and that winner will receive the in-stock Games Workshop paperback novel of their choice!

  • BEST STORY: 'Aurelia Darklight,' by Jack Salva
  • YOUNGBLOODS PRIZE: 'Uldrad,' by Blake Weinstein
  • CHARACTER EVENT DOOR PRIZE: 'Way of the Scorpion,' by Chad Jones

Congratulations to the winners--and to all participants, as the level of storytelling was tremendous!