Results: Waaghmbat Patrol Week Two: HobbyAnnex

Eight Warhammer 40,000 force commanders squared off at HobbyAnnex's Bunker '44 Game Room in Week Two of the four-week, February-long North Texas Combat Patrol tournament series...The Waaghmbat Patrol. The Waaghmbat himself made two appearances this time around--and perhaps not coincidentally, the Orks dominated!

  • BEST GENERAL/2nd Overall: Aaron Wheatcraft/Orks
  • BEST ARMY/3rd Overall: Jack Salva/Orks
  • BEST PAINTED: Juan Diaz/Eldar
  • BEST SPORTSMAN: Pablo Lucero/Space Marines
  • MURPHY'S LUCK AWARD: Andrew Silver/Tyranids

Dave Silver/Orks and Steve Burroughs/Chaos Space Marines also competed; particular thanks go to Steve, who stepped in to fill the eighth slot after one entrant failed to show up and none of the alternates were present to claim the slot.

This week's heat was much closer, with the second place army only three points behind the winner, and third, fourth and fifth each a point behind the other, after. It is worth noting that the overall winner has come to each heat prepared, leaving very few available points unclaimed before the first round of dice are rolled...and in each week, that has made a difference.

As the winner of both Week One's tournament with his Tau and Week Two's tournament with his Orks, Bob had choice of which to take to the Waaghmbat Patrol final at GW Grapevine Mills Sunday, March 2nd. Bob opted to play the final with his Tau, so runner-up Aaron and his Orks, who bested Bob on the top table in Week Two to claim Best General, will represent HobbyAnnex in the final round-robin, winner-takes-all event!

Thanks to the staff of HobbyAnnex for hosting the round, and providing terrific prize support. On to round three. Waagh!