Welcome to Adeptus North Texas, the 'Club Home Page' for the Games Workshop hobby in this region of the country!

As a Club site, AdeptNT will focus on events, activities and the more 'social' aspects of the hobby. The intent is that it becomes the go-to site for learning what stores, clubs and independent organizers are running in the region in upcoming months.

The Calendar of Events will be a regularly-updated feature, describing the what/when/where of upcoming North Texas Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Specialist Games events, large and small.

The Adeptus North Texas Mailing List will bring announcements of those events into your email box, for convenience.

And the Contact Us links will be the avenue for stores, clubs and individual organizers to get that event information posted and distributed.

The intent of AdeptNT is to serve the North Texas hobbyist by serving the North Texas retailer, since those 'brick-and-mortar' stores are where the games are played. Devoting space to play is never an easy decision for a retailer with limited space—but having such space available is the future of the social element of the hobby. The seriousness with which AdeptNT takes our position of retailer support should be evident by the way every North Texas Games Workshop stockist receives pride-of-place listing on the left margin of our front page; every alphabetized store listing should be clickable, to take interested hobbyists to the store's webpage where available, or at least to a directions link.

AdeptNT will equally support store-independent hobby events, such as the Lone Wolf GT.

Adeptus North Texas' emphasis on events will not be exclusive, however. As the site develops, members will have an opportunity to write about themselves and their armies, provide hobby articles of interest and game-related fiction, the Gallery will feature outstanding miniature and modeling painting and conversion work by area hobbyists, the Reviews will allow members to rate hobby product for evaluation by others, and the Dispatches from the Outrider will provide a regular overview of it all in weblog format.

If 40K, Fantasy Battle (or Battlefleet Gothic, Mordheim, Epic, Warmaster, Space Hulk, Talisman or roleplay!) is your hobby—and you live, work or visit the North Texas region—Adeptus North Texas is for you. Welcome to the Old World and the Forty-first Millennium, Texas-style!