North Texas WAAGHmbat Patrol Tournament Series

Each Sunday in February, 2008, a different North Texas Warhammer 40,000 stockist will sponsor a Preliminary WAAGHmbat Patrol Tournament--with the four winning finalists competing against each other round-robin style Sunday, March 2 for the championship! Register now at the 40K dealer nearest you; slots are limited to eight per round, four of which must go to the Waaghmbat 'home' army: Codex Orks!

WAAGHmbat Patrol Tournament Rules & Scoring


All Events run 12:45pm-4:15pm

  • Sunday, February 3, 2008: Preliminary One--GW Grapevine Mills
  • Sunday, February 10, 2008: Preliminary Two--HobbyAnnex
  • Sunday, February 17, 2008: Preliminary Three--Lone Star Comics Dallas
  • Sunday, February 24, 2008: Preliminary Four--HobbytownUSA Dallas
  • Sunday, March 2, 2008: Finals--GW Grapevine Mills


  • 12:45pm-12:55pm: Registration/Submission of Army Lists/Table Assignments
  • 1:00pm-1:45pm: Game One
  • 2:00pm-2:45pm: Game Two
  • 3:00pm-3:45pm: Game Three
  • 4:00pm-4:15pm: Tallying of Scores/Awards Ceremony


Each Preliminary will be open to eight players, who may pre-register for the Event by making any post-Christmas Games Workshop product purchase at the sponsoring Store; one-half of each pre-registered Tournament field (ie, four players) *must* be participants fielding Ork Combat Patrol Armies; Combat Patrol Armies are 400 Point Warhammer 40,000 forces composed using Combat Patrol rules from the 4th Edition hardcover rulebook, page 182; each Preliminary will consist of three games of approximately 45 minutes' duration each (including setup); the winners of each of the four Preliminaries will compete against each other in the Tournament Final; the Preliminary overall winners will be determined by achieving the highest total score of available points (detailed following).


  • Painting: Maximum 10 Points.
  • Sportsmanship: Maximum 5 Points.
  • Army List: Maximum of 5 Points.
  • Games: Maximum of 15 Points.
  • Presentation: Maximum of 5 Points.


*All Players entering the Tournament must attest they are primarily responsible for having painted their armies themselves. This does not preclude assistance from parents/friends/significant others, so long as the painting is primarily representative of the player's own skill and effort.*

Painting Scoring is cumulative (undercoated figures with no other paint but elaborate bases still score only at the first 1 Point level, for example).

Armies which require no level 6 decals/squad markings (some Tyranid and Necron armies, as an example) are not penalized for that, and will simply either receive 5- or 7+ Points, as appropriate to the level completed.

  • 1 Point--All figures/vehicles assembled, based and undercoated (anything less is zero).
  • 3 Points--Above plus all figures in basic uniform colour(s) plus all obvious surfaces (facial skin, weapons/weapons cases, shoulder pads/trim, bases, etc) complete (the traditional 'three colour' painting level).
  • 4 Points--Above plus bases flocked or otherwise scenicked.
  • 5 Points--Above plus details painted (pouches, lenses, skulls, aquila, etc).
  • 6 Points--Above plus all appropriate decals/squad markings added (whether by hand, decal, or other method).
  • 7 Points--Above plus effective washes or highlighting (effectiveness to be determined by judges).
  • 8 Points--Above plus effective washes AND highlighting (effectiveness to be determined by judges).
  • 9 Points--Above plus effective blending (effectiveness to be determined by judges).
  • 10 Points--Award of Merit for ONE of the armies at each Preliminary which qualified for 9 Points; this Player will receive an extra point (for a Painting score of 10), and receive the award for Best Painter.

If no Players qualify for 9 Points, the Player with the highest score in Painting will receive the Award of Merit for Best Painter but will retain the lower earned Painting score, for calculating Overall Winner. In the event of a tie the winner will be determined by consensus of the judges.


Each Player will confidentially score their three opponents for Sportsmanship under the following guidelines, be scored by their own opponents under the same guidelines, and will, at the end of all three rounds, cast a vote for which of the three opponents they played (if any) they considered Best Sportsman.

Each Player will have their lowest score dropped, making the Sportsmanship available points range 0-4; among Players tied for the high score, the Player receiving the most votes for Best Sportsman will then get an additional Award of Merit for Sportsmanship point, for a maximum Sportsmanship score of 5 Points. In the event of a tie in score and in number of votes cast for Best Sportsman, ALL tied Best Sportsmen will receive the additional point:

  • 0 Points--Not a fun opponent (either because of army composition, playing style/demeanor, or some combination). Not an opponent I would like to play again.
  • 1 Point--A quality 40K opponent I would happily face again.
  • 2 Points--An outstanding 40K opponent who made our game more fun than average.


*This is a competitive event; all players must achieve at least 1 Point in the Army List category, by presenting a printed, legible Army List for the judges at the beginning of the tourney, to ensure their army may be vetted as legal. Failure to do so can result in denial of participation in the event, and awarding of that player's slot to an complying Alternate.*

Army list scoring is cumulative.

  • 1 Point--Printed, legible Army List presented to judges at beginning of tourney, with all units accurately identified (including gear and squad options) and accurately pointed out; list conforms to the rules of Combat Patrol as presented in the 40K4 hardcover rulebook.
  • 2 Points--Above plus a copy of the Army List provided for each opponent.
  • 3 Points--Above plus army and all characters/units named.
  • 4 Points--Above plus either written background for the Army or decorative artwork/presentation for the List undertaken by Player (or both).
  • +1 Point--Award of Merit for ANY Army List which achieves 4 Points which judges deem of exceptionally high quality, either in written background, decorative presentation, or both.


Players in each game will receive 2 Points for a Loss and 5 Points for a Win (scenarios at the 400-point army level will not accomodate Draws). Even-numbered Players (2,4,6,8) will play Odd-numbered Players (1,3,5,7) in Game One. The four winning Players will face each other in one bracket and the four losing Players will face each other in another bracket in Game Two. The two undefeated Players will face each other in Game Three, with the remaining six Players bracketed to face a Player they've not yet played in Game Three. This will produce a minimum Games score of 6 and a maximum Games score of 12 except for the one Undefeated Player who will earn 15 Points, and the Award of Merit for Best General.


Players may earn up to 5 Points for Presentation of their armies at Tournament. These points may be earned as follows:

  • +1 Point--Having a decorative presentation base/carrying tray/diorama for displaying/transporting their army.
  • +1 Point--An additional Award of Merit for Display point may be presented by the judges if said display base is deemed to be of exceptionally high quality.
  • +1 Point--Having notable effective conversion(s) to figures/vehicles which personalize their army. Conversions can be as simple as substituting bitz from one GW figure to another or as elaborate as from-scratch greenstuff-sculpting, but the qualifying conditions are that said conversions be 'notable'--ie, that the judges notice them--and 'effective'--meaning that they add to, rather than detract from, the presentation of a Player's army (note that Players should feel free to point out conversions to judges to meet the first criteria, as very few of even the most well-qualified judges will be familiar with every figure, vehicle kit and bit GW produces!).
  • +1 Point--The Waaghmbat Award: any Player who chooses to field The Waaghmbat WAAGHmbat Patrol Special Character (see following) in his/her army may be awarded this additional Presentation point at the judges' discretion, if the model is sufficiently impressive.
  • +1 Point--Award of Merit for Best Army: one Player will receive an additional point for having the highest combined score from the categories of Painting, Army List and Presentation, and will receive the Award of Merit for Best Army.


Awards of Merit for Army List and Display will be presented in the form of Points added to Players' Overall scores, as noted above. The Waaghmbat Award will be presented in the form of a Point added to the Players' Overall scores, as noted above. Prizes (in addition to added score Points, where noted above) will be awarded for:

  • Award of Merit for Best Painter.
  • Award of Merit for Best General.
  • Award of Merit for Best Sportsman.
  • Award of Merit for Best Army.
  • Overall Tournament Championship Award.
  • Murphy's Luck Award (presented to that Player who, more than any other, was deserted and betrayed by Lady Luck, the Hand of Fate and his Dice during the Tournament...)

Prizes will be awarded on a one-per-Player basis, in ascending order (so a Player who wins Best Army and Overall, for example, would receive the Overall prize with the runner-up for Best Army taking home that prize). The Overall Tournament Runners-Up will also be acknowledged, and in the event the Overall Winner is not able to participate in the Tournament Final, Runners-Up will be contacted to take their place.


The WAAGHmbat Patrol Final will take place at Games Workshop Grapevine Mills on Sunday, March 2, 2008 between 12:45pm and 4:15pm. This event will vary from the four Preliminaries in that there will be only four participants, the Overall Winners of the four Preliminary Rounds, and they will each play the other three, in a round-robin elimination, to determine the final champion, the Combat Waaghmbat for Warhammer 40K in North Texas!


+++The Waaghmbat+++

WAAGHmbat Patrol Tournament Special Character

Points: 50 (75)

WS BS S  T  W  I  A  Ld  Sv
4  2  4  4  2  3  3  7  4+Inv

Wargear: Waaghmbat Wingz, Slugga, Choppa, Stikkbomz, 'Eavy Armour

Special Rules: Independent Character, Jump Infantry, Furious Charge, 'E Fights Alone, Da Dark Ork, 'Iz Own Personal Waagh

Options: The Waaghmbat may replace his Choppa with a Power Klaw for +25 points.

'E Fights Alone: Though they welcome his suicidal courage in a scrap, The Waaghmbat's singleminded desire to fight is so intense it makes even other orks uncomfortable. The Waaghmbat must always act as an Independent Character, may not join any other unit or squad, and may not board any transport or other vehicle.

Da Dark Ork: The orks believe The Waaghmbat is blessed (or cursed, depending on the telling) by either Gork or Mork. His armour save is Invulnerable.

'Iz Own Personal Waagh: The Waaghmbat has obsessively dedicated his life to battle--often with motives which seem inscrutable, even to other orks. *Any* army participating in a WAAGHmbat Patrol Tournament may field The Waaghmbat, including non-orks, so long as the model is accurately represented. In Non-ork armies fielding The Waaghmbat, he *must* enter the game from Reserve; when fielded with ork armies, The Waaghmbat deploys as normal. The Waaghmbat is an HQ choice but does *not* count against a fielding player's Force Organization chart limit; therefore, The Waaghmbat *may not* be any army's commander.

Waaghmbat Wingz: The Waaghmbat wears an elaborately winged combat rig into battle. These Wingz act as a Rokkit Pak which may re-roll any related dice roll (the result of the re-roll must be accepted).

From the Journal of Xenos Biologis Geophrey Harvis, Field Researcher in the service of Inquisitor Ormin Del'Trieste:

"The tale of The Waaghmbat seems to be told across the entirety of ork society, amongst all clans. Its variants have been found amongst budding pre-waaghs in disparate parts of the galaxy.

In these orkaeospecific myths, an ork of middling significance--never a leader or warboss well-enough known to be specifically identified, but always at least a nob or somesuch similar--is violently wronged (as orks would define such, often shot down at range by some high-technology gun or taken from behind by an assassin's knife, etc) by a non-ork culture (usually human, but in some variants of the tale eldar or even tau figure, as well). The ork somehow survives, but is driven over-the-edge--even for an ork--in his quest for vengeance, adopting the elaborately cloaked-and-cowled identity of The Waaghmbat to hide his prior shame, and roaming the galaxy on his personal 'waagh.'

What is interesting is the number and variety of 'Waaghmbats' that have appeared in ork armies across the galaxy. Although always sharing the same general appearance--an ork combat type designated 'stormboy' with a more elaborately-winged 'rokkit pak'--pict captures reveal considerable variation in the actual execution of this orketype...and field reports I have personally collated report 'The Waaghmbat' appearing to fight in entirely different parts of the galaxy at the same time. Clearly, this Waaghmbat identity is something multiple orks are drawn, for whatever reason, to embrace, a part of their cultural gestalt (though suggesting such to any given Waaghmbat--or ork he is fighting alongside--is asking for more trouble than the inquirer is likely to be able to handle, and is therefore discouraged).

Perhaps the most curious element of this ork myth cycle are the scattered tales of The Waaghmbat joining *non-ork* armies in the midst of battle, in his pursuit of vengeance against his original nemesis race. In these (entirely unconfirmed) reports, at the moment the two combatant forces lock in short-range combat, The Waaghmbat will come screaming over the horizon powered by his jet-pack, bellowing his personal waagh, and join with the army he has chosen to side with in all ways as though he were a part of it. It is worth noting that in most versions of this particular story-cycle, The Waaghmbat seems to 'perish' near the battle's completion, to avoid the awkwardness sure to ensue between he and his 'allies' thereafter; however, versions exist where The Waaghmbat merely zooms to a nearby rooftop at battle's end, to stand briefly but dramatically silhouetted by--variously--lightning, sunset, a moon or distant artillery fire, before arcing from sight on a pillar of smoke and flame from his jet-pack, leaving his erstwhile allies completely bewildered (the still-rarer alternate ending, in which The Waaghmbat then turns and slaughters his ally army as well, is thought by this researcher to be apocryphal--as is the alternate Waaghmbat myth-cycle in which he is accompanied into battle by a cheerful lunatic gretchin in bright motley, generally referred to as the 'Grot Wonder').

I have appended to this dataslate transcriptions of all such Waaghmbat reports as I have collected to this point, as well as the few rare pict captures of verified appearances of the dark ork. The file remains open for updating by fellow magos as circumstances allow.

Yours respectfully, Geophrey Harvis, Xenos Biologis"