HobbytownUSA Dallas WHFB HQ Model Contest Results

Participants in the Warhammer Fantasy Battles Mighty Empires Map Campaign built structure models representing their fortified positions on the campaign map. Sunday, Nov 11 voting occurred at the HobbytownUSA Dallas Game Hall for best HQ Model, with the winner collecting a piece of GW terrain of their choice!

These HQ fortifications will afford campaign participants the opportunity to defend specific rather than generic terrain when one of their Map Tiles is attacked. Any player in the campaign can still complete an HQ Model for the purpose of having this in-game benefit, and the campaign remains open for new participants to join.

Every entry in the HQ Model Contest received at least one vote as Favorite piece. The voting was close, but did result in a clear winner:

  • 3rd (TIE): Gamaliel Martinez (Vampire Counts haunted fortress)
  • 3rd (TIE): John Powers (Ogre Kingdoms fighting pit)
  • 2nd: Aaron Wheatcraft (Skaven overrun manor)
  • 1st: Eric Smelley (Dwarven gate and brewery)

Congratulations to participants and winners, seen here; photos of additional HQ Models completed by hobbyists can certainly be added to http://www.adeptusnorthtexas.com as players finish them!